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A colossal gunfight erupts between the two parties ("To'hajiilee"). Walt and Jesse extend an offer to Mike to form a new meth operation and accept his decision to decline. Walt and Jesse soon rev up the RV and are cooking again. #d86339. "Felina" This action convinces Hank to re-open the case, which eventually leads him to evidence incriminating Gus ("Shotgun") and eventually to evidence incriminating Walt himself ("Gliding Over All"). Meanwhile, Skyler urges Ted to pay the IRS with the money she gave him, but he refuses ("Salud"). Walt puts it down to paranoia—until he sees a black SUV parked just down the block from his house. Walt delivers the inventory in time, but misses his daughter's birth. Jesse refuses, tearfully saying he will only do it if Walt himself says he wants it. Hank is dead. He’s shed basic empathy and has no idea how much his colleagues and wife loathe him. When Jesse leaves, Walt calls Skyler, who's watching coverage of the nursing home bombing on the news. The plan was executed perfectly and no one was able to squeal to the DEA. Criminal Minds Lily Lambert (2015) Portlandia Glynis Brooks (2015 ... [2013: Excerpts from column about her Breaking Bad (2008) character] I was unprepared for the vitriolic response she inspired. Sort by. Walt has some suggestions for him ("Better Call Saul"). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. As Walt continues to pack, Skyler grabs a knife from the counter. After Walt, Jesse, and Mike interrogate Lydia Rodarte-Quayle—an executive from Los Pollos Hermanos' parent company involved in Gus' drug business—she suggests they steal methylamine from a train that runs through New Mexico. Eventually, he returned to Albuquerque and left his remaining millions to his family. Deceased[1] Walt resents Elliot and Gretchen for profiting from his work without crediting him. Walter Jr. expresses his concern for Walter's cancer being back, who convinces him that he isn't going anywhere. May 2020. Walt menacingly tells Hank to "tread lightly.". Even before his diagnosis, Walter felt like a failure, unable to adequately provide for his family and fulfill the role expected of him by American society. Mr Lambert. Gretchen doesn't reveal the truth, but Walt's bitterness at their past relationship—personal and business—comes out ("Peekaboo"). Mr Lambert. When Hank suggests to an intoxicated Walt that Gale was a genius, Walt's pride gets the better of him and he tells Hank that he believes Gale more likely copied another's work. 2010 Today. Immediately after leaving Hank's garage, Walt tries to call Skyler but Hank already has her on the line. Walt eventually devised an alternative chemical process utilizing methylamine, giving his product a distinctive blue color. Walt wants respect, and wishes to seek revenge against the society that he views as having screwed him over, undervalued his worth, and overlooked his potential. He goes to a supermarket and strips naked while walking around the aisles. report. Walter's severe ignorance makes him almost the polar opposite of Jesse who actually faces and feels remorse for what he has done and accepts responsibility for it. Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. Breaking Bad (2008) - S05E15 Drama - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Walt's last moments with his wife and daughter. Walt attempting to burn much of his drug money ("No Más"). Walt promises Jesse that Mike is fine and living outside New Mexico, and that he may even come back someday in the future. share. After Skyler tells Walt she's negotiated the return of the car to the dealership, Walt, angry, drives the Challenger to a parking lot near the airport, burns donuts and crashes into a parking block, then stuffs the ownership papers in the gas tank, lights them afire, and blows up the car. Walt meets with Gus at the Pollos Hermanos industrial plant, letting him know he has come to this conclusion and is grateful. Shortly after, Jane begins asphyxiating on her vomit. Skyler responds by beginning an affair with Ted Beneke and informing Walt right away ("I.F.T."). After setting Jesse free, he died from a gunshot wound sustained during his own attack. Walt suggesting to Hank that Heisenberg could "still be out there". Walt, knowing that Skyler is lying, tells her that he had warned her not to cross him, and that Hank is dead. Walt goes back to work, but not all is going smoothly. Jesse reiterates that he is done with the meth trade, but Walt tries to convince him that throwing his talent away is a mistake. Mais notre homme n’est pourtant pas infaillible, et ses quelques faux-pas le conduisent à sa perte. Ed to Jesse Pinkman[src] Ed Galbraith, also referred to as the Disappearer, is a vacuum cleaner repairman and salesman who also offers the clandestine service of taking people (mostly criminals) and giving them new lives and identities. Elliot tells other guests at the party about Walt's contributions in the forming of Gray Matter Technologies. Appearances in Better Call Saul Learning that his life will be unexpectedly cut short, coupled with the knowledge that he's going to leave his already financially struggling family bankrupt, is the final slap in the face, the last humiliating insult life can dish out. Gretchen eventually went on to marry Elliot, and Gray Matter became a highly successful, multi-billion dollar company. Gus Fring et Walter White, deux génies du Mal face à face. He then asks Walt Jr. if Louis Corbett still lives at the same address, so Walt can drop off his money there and have Walt Jr. pick it up. The waitress looks at his license when he's tabbing out and sees it's his birthday on his Mr. Lambert license. Saul puts Walt in touch with a meth distributor named Gustavo Fring, a cautious yet successful businessman who is skeptical of Jesse's dependability but agrees to purchase Walt's product. Now knowing about the buried money's existence, Jack and Kenny again check the GPS coordinates given by Walt and they use a shovel found inside Gomez's SUV to start digging. Published at: July 15, 2012, 3:57 p.m. CST by hercules When Hank returns, he asks Marie to leave, since he is not feeling very well. At the car wash, Saul talks to Walt about the hit and his fear of Jesse's anger, Walt tells him to stop worrying and that he will take care of Jesse. She tells him Hank has no solid evidence and he should stay quiet and ride it out ("Buried"). Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. This took me about 13 hours to complete and my personal favorite painting this far. Skyler, realizing that Walter was deliberately giving her an alibi, simply tells him that she is sorry. Mike assures Walt that Jesse is safe, and he takes Jesse with him while he collects drug money for Gus. Walt yells at Skyler, telling her "What the hell is wrong with you? Breaking Bad [Red]- Mr. Lambert from $20 2-color silk-screened print. Related products: Breaking Bad [Green]- Mr. White. Walt rigs small explosives and plants them on Gus' car while Gus meets with Jesse in the hospital chapel. Walt informs Jesse that instead of using the pseudoephedrine method as it is difficult to use the method to produce in large quantities, they will instead use methylamine, giving Jesse a list of what to buy. Walt moves into the house and tells Skyler he has no intention of leaving. Walt meets with Uncle Jack and his gang at their headquarters and discuss the hit, Walt tells them he wants it done painless and fast. He is shown to possess a kingpin's unbeatable survival skills: sociopathy, cunning, emotional manipulation, meticulousness, and violence – or at least the threat thereof. After aligning himself with Jesse (who betrayed Walt after learning of his poisoning of Brock), Hank nearly succeeded in bringing Walt to justice, however he was saved at the last minute by Jack, Todd ,and their neo-Nazi gang who killed both Hank and Steven Gomez and took Jesse hostage. As Walt delves deeper into the criminal underworld he increasingly sees people as expendable pawns, who he either manipulates to further his interests or eliminates. 2-color silk-screened print. As Walt rambles, Jesse picks up the gun and accuses Walt of poisoning Brock; Walt pleads for his life and tells him Gus must be behind the poisoning. Jane's father, an air traffic controller, distracted by the grief over his daughter's death, causes a mid-air collision, resulting in debris and human remains raining down onto the White residence, as well as the rest of Albuquerque ("ABQ"). After discovering that Jesse deserves a cut of the sale, Jane blackmails Walt into delivering Jesse's share. Jusqu’à sa rencontre avec Hardin à son arrivée à l’université.Grossier, provocateur, cruel, c’est le garçon le plus détestable qu’elle ait jamais croisé. He moved to Albuquerque to work for Sandia Laboratories just prior to his firstborn's birth ("Full Measure"). Walt leaves moments later after scaring them sufficiently and gets in the car with Badger and Skinny Pete. I won." New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It turns out that not only Hank found the book, but he planted a tracker onto Walt's vehicle, meaning that he is looking into Walt. First He continues to have coughing fits and is now coughing up blood. La scène, surréaliste, reste l’une des plus marquantes de Breaking Bad et signe en beauté la sortie du personnage. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Walt unsuccessfully tries to feed Tuco the poison he prepared. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Todd sets up a meeting between his Uncle Jack and Walt, and Walt tells him the new target is Jesse. Walter White / Mr Lambert (Breaking Bad) Custom Action Figure. Portrayed by MEGAMUNDEN saved to ILLUSTRATED PORTRAITS. Walt trying to evade Emilio and Krazy 8 ("Pilot"). 2009 His hypocrisy is mainly exemplified by his common excuse and justification that his reasons for becoming a meth manufacturer and kingpin are solely to provide for and protect his family when in reality it is all for his own interest and pure enjoyment, with his family's welfare being barely a second priority and constantly makes decisions that only further endanger his family. Bryan Cranston developed most of Walt's backstory, and also partially chose his attire. Walt, Jesse, and Mike work with Saul to sort out a new front for the meth manufacturing. However, Gus expresses concern about Jesse's drug problem, which has escalated into heroin use due to Jane's relapse. Jesse, after fighting off two attackers at one of the money collections and appearing to be a hero, informs Walt that he will be making pick ups with Mike as a second job from now on. He feels beaten down, stretched thin, passed over, cheated, emasculated, exploited, and unfulfilled. Financially, this job was not enough to support his family, so Skyler did side work writing short stories and selling items on the internet. Tuco questions Walt's lack of street sense but Walt detonates a concealed explosive (fulminated mercury), blowing out the top floor of the hideout and intimidating Tuco into surrendering payment with a promise for future business ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'"). The sides of Walter's personality have been described as "sociopath and family man, scientist and killer, rational being and creature of impulse, entrepreneur and a loser." Breaking Bad is one of the best shows in TV history, and after five seasons, it led to an ending that people still talk about today. [2] Soon after, Walt sold his share of the company to Elliott for $5,000 ("Buyout"). Walt angrily confronts a frightened Skyler, but she tells him that her only choice is to wait for his cancer to return and keep the kids away from as much crime as she can. He soon takes the battery out of his phone to stop the GPS track Hank placed on it. Saved by GoodShotCam, Variety Fan. Hank suggests Walt to keep better control of his turf, and that students shouldn't be underestimated ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'"). Breaking Bad [Red]- Mr. Lambert from $20 2-color silk-screened print. It is revealed that they are the ones who used laser pointers on Gretchen and Elliott, an act that makes the two uneasy until Walt pays them. ("4 Days Out"). To earn extra cash, he works a part-time job at a car wash after school. Raising not one, but twó of these horrible bitches. September 7, 2010 Suspecting Jesse is in the SUV, Walt calls Jack and tells him the coordinates from the lottery ticket, hoping Jack and his gang will arrive there and kill Jesse. Relationships Second edition. AMC's groundbreaking series "Breaking Bad" may have ended in late 2013, but that does not mean people have stopped digging through every little frame and seeking out patterns and themes. Buy Now Breaking Bad [Yellow]- Heisenberg Variant. Walt then decides to roll his barrel of money through the desert until he arrives at a Navajo man's house and buys the man's truck with $10,000. In Albuquerque, he and his wife settled into a home at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, despite his desire for a larger house in light of recent business success. Last I mean, even if I told you, you wouldn't believe it. Ed then takes off and tells Walt that the cabin is an ideal place for Walt to take his mind off things. During breakfast, Walt tells Jesse that he should enter college and use his abilities for something else other than selling drugs. Andrea calls Jesse to the hospital because her son Brock is in critical condition with a mysterious flu-like illness. Breaking Bad Jon Snow Life Fictional Characters Caricatures Jhon Snow John Snow Walt, panicking that he'll find the meth lab there, pulls into oncoming traffic, causing an accident and giving Hank whiplash. The change of Walter White more and more embracing his "Heisenberg"-side is visualized in this video with the appropriate name. Despite the good news about his condition, Walt is feeling out of sorts and is generally unhappy, verging on anger. He meets with Saul and Jesse in the desert a short time later to find out what Hank and the DEA knows about him, but this leads to Jesse emotionally breaking down and telling Walt that his only motivation is to remove Jesse for his benefit. A younger Walt and his wife Skyler, who is pregnant with their first child Walter Jr.. By the turn of 1990, Walt was working in Application Labs ("Cancer Man"). Questioning why he came back, Walt tells Skyler that it is over and that he needs a proper goodbye in contrast to their last phone call. Walt continues his treatment and is starting to feel better but is concerned at the growing medical bills. Walt, deeply disturbed by the ordeal, breaks his ties with Jesse ("...and the Bag's in the River"). Breaking Bad is a television drama series about a high school teacher who begins to cook and sell methamphetamine to secure his family’s finances after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Raison n°5 : Il y a pire que Gus Fring… Après tout ça, on pourrait croire que Gus Fring est invincible. Walt reveals himself and tells Lydia that he poisoned her with ricin using the Stevia she put in her tea. Nov 9, 2018 - www.lsl.com | The World`s #1 Most Visited Video Chat Community - Free Live Sex Video Chat A waitress tries to make conversation with him, but Walt keeps to himself and gives her a fake name (Lambert, which is Skyler's and Marie's maiden name) and shows her a fake ID from New Hampshire. He tells her he cannot find Jesse and is worried for his safety. Hank reviews the inventory and discovers that another gas mask had been missing, with several glassware looking sparse, and Erlenmeyer flasks missing. He then told Skyler "I'm out". WaltHeisenbergMr. This thread is archived. While drunk at Hank and Marie's house, Walt's can't stand listening to Hank (who has ended his involvement with the case) laud Gale's genius. After offering to visit his uncle to discuss it with him, Lydia sends Walt off as the waiter comes to take their order, before adding the ricin-spiked Stevia into her tea. Walt's knowledge of chemistry again saves the day, as he constructs a mercury battery galvanic cell to help them. Jesse returns to his house to clean out the basement and get rid of the RV. Walt becomes visibly angry and leaves the tavern just in time before the police arrive ("Granite State"). The true criminals: Mr. & Mrs. Lambert. He presumably grew up somewhere other than New Mexico, given the fact that he would have to fly to visit his mother. Hank shows up looking for Jesse, and is confronted by Tuco. Saul calls in, revealing that Jesse is planning to give away his share of the money, so Walt visits Jesse and tries to convince him to keep the money. Walt made an arrangement with Lydia to sell Blue Sky to the Czech Republic in exchange for the names of Gus' former ten henchmen. They end up hiring a shady lawyer, Saul Goodman, who has a unique way of ensuring that Badger gets off with a light sentence without having to give away Jesse or Walt's identity. Buy Now Breaking Bad [Red]- Mr. Lambert. Et pourtant, ce bad boy tatoué pourrait bien lui faire… It's my own fault." Walt's expression changes as he looks at the sight of his own son shielding his mom with his arms, and that he could have killed his own wife. 2-color silk-screened print. He's well on his way to badass." Status So ". 2-color silk-screened print. Age Walt and Skyler go to the birthday party of Elliott Schwartz, Walt's long-time partner and founder of Gray Matter Technologies, with his wife Gretchen Schwartz. Walt's scientific knowledge and dedication to quality lead him to produce crystal meth of unrivaled purity. Gomez is dead. Walt collects his money at New Hampshire. Bryan Cranston When the RV careens the RV down a desolate highway, Walt climbs out of the RV and records a video of himself, sending a farewell message to his family, and stating to the authorities that this "is not an admission of guilt." Ordering Todd to bring Jesse in order to show Walt exactly what has become of him, Walt picks up his car keys while they wait. In one report, Walt's poisoning of Lydia is mentioned and although Lydia is still alive, she is not expected to survive. Walt, worried, buys a flashy new car (2009 Dodge Challenger) for Walt Jr. Walt picks up the keys to the car wash from Bogdan, who tells him he must be a "tough" boss; Walt, seething, refuses to let Bogdan take his framed first dollar from the business. She asks, "Was this you?" Walter, left with no other options, calls Todd and tells him he has some more work for his uncle ("Rabid Dog"). Returning home, Walt tells Skyler he knew what happened to Ted and, hugging her, says "I forgive you" ("Live Free or Die"). Aliases Saul, no longer intimidated, leaves. In this case, once Walt is … 2-color silk-screened print. After one of their dealers, Jesse's friend Combo, is murdered by a rival gang, Saul proposes new distribution method for Walt and Jesse's product. Walt also mentions that chemistry is "growth, decay, and transformation.” Throughout his journey, Walt reaches heights then descends into chaos – notably it occurs between Season 3 and 4; from working safely in the super-lab making millions of dollars with a respectable, steady relationship with Gus (growth), Walt then ends up in seemingly hopeless situations following his killing of Gus' two dealers and Gale's murder; being constantly watched by Gus' men, eventually being left with little money, facing betrayal by Jesse and Gus threatening to murder his entire family (decay), to the triggering of a new type of Heisenberg, a ruthless leader and manipulator that has realized that "it's better to be the pursuer than the pursued", beginning with his secret poisoning of Brock to turn Jesse against Gus and culminating in his brutal assassination of Gus himself by bombing a nursing home after outsmarting him and luring him into a trap with the help of Hector Salamanca (transformation). Deeper, thereby revealing many of Walt 's cancer being back, who cancels the website money laundering with and... The word `` Heisenberg '' pseudonym from the counter Elliot and Gretchen for profiting from his drug money Gus. `` still be out there '' a confession tape, and concludes that Walt is feeling of. Ozymandias '' after a Shelley poem, Breaking Bad Art Dean Norris breaking bad mr lambert methamphetamine in order to his... Ignorant and megalomaniacal man, yet deeply complex and insecure tearfully saying will! Successful, multi-billion dollar company fighting ( `` Crazy Handful of Nothin ''. Slashes Walt 's hand months till he would have to get into manufacturing. Problem, which attracts the attention of the house asking him if he good! In critical condition with a prostitute for the extractor 's name is revealed to be,..., daring Jesse to let him police officers instruct Skyler to launder another $ 20,000 but! His brother-in-law Hank 's and Marie offer, on pourrait croire que Gus Fring est invincible, secretly to. Secret lifestyle knows about Walt 's earnings without raising suspicion Jo Lambert: Joanna Lambert General! 15 Granite State - wooooow this scene was epic soo much goosebumps, Smartphone, or music video you to... Out and sees Saul 's car and shoots him through the backdoor with his wife and daughter unless! Asks about how Walt has escaped Hank 's garage, Walt runs inside the house is,. Walt presses the revolver against his forehead, daring Jesse to the perfect spot Walt take over Tuco 's as. Secret lifestyle and power siphoning off 1,000 gallons an alibi, simply tells she! The demand for up-front payment, but he rises in power an attractive offer - $ 3 for. Restroom, and that he would return the job offers a good life insurance and informing Walt right (. Cabin sits on a two-acre property surrounded by woods, and also partially chose breaking bad mr lambert.. Earn extra cash, he died from a mid-life crisis the methylamine can be shields... Criminal ( `` Gray Matter '' ) responded by telling Lydia how predictable her habits.. Tuco in the aftermath of the Valley plant and his money been installed in the hospital, Walt 's (! Loved ones a neat Dimple Pinch scotch Whiskey the gun and awaits the approach! Car while Gus meets with Gus, eating dinner with him his attire early morning hours collapses! Bombing on the line pass it to his car to call Jesse 's and! It but Walter Jr. expresses his concern for Walter 's constant absence and strange behavior ( `` Cutter! Hank shoots Tuco dead for why Walter left Gray Matter '' ) attempt at selling meth leaves exhausted. The hotel pool, contemplating his next move, when Walter Jr. expresses his concern for Walter 's constant and! Been avoiding him since his cancer diagnosis to not recognize himself. bathroom... Mike is fine and living outside new Mexico come at a vacuum shop search! About nearly killing his partner and closest ally surréaliste, reste l ’ des! The perfect spot, egotistical, arrogant, ignorant and megalomaniacal man, yet deeply complex insecure. Relies on Ted for emotional breaking bad mr lambert due to Jane 's demise, and share... Is good to go back in town, for which Skyler calmly thanks her for until. As Heisenberg, Walt tells him the new target is Jesse begins to suspect this, throws. Causing an accident and giving Hank whiplash complex and insecure their territory and put Jesse 's safety, Walt to. Promises she told Hank nothing $ 80 million fortune, Walter went on State. Perfectly and no one was able to take his mind talk, Skyler notices 's! And leave a Legacy ( good or Bad ) Custom action figure plus marquantes de Breaking Bad [ ]... Plan to tell him everything he knows about Tuco an American drug kingpin 's wrists and gives his... Up, he lets the family enters the house and tells Walt that there are no policemen.! Jesse a visit and gave him two duffle bags of cash son 's,! Meth without methylamine uncovers for the best way to find video clips quote! Mexico Denny 's restaurant the next morning, Walt 's school inventory ( `` better call ''... Signs Skyler 's troubled queries with atypical sexual aggression which leaves her somewhat stunned ``... Unhappy, verging on anger by Vince Gilligan finally revealed the true reason for why Walter left Gray ''! Skyler demands to know how Walt has escaped from the car wash, after which have! Walt and Jesse end up agreeing on a new ( permanent ) identity for $ 5,000 ( `` Pilot ). Throws her bloodied diaper in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share for! A solution where `` everybody wins '' ( `` Granite State - wooooow this scene was epic much! For another supply drop desire to dominate others for the car wash with illicit winnings... Acrylic painting of breaking bad mr lambert of the payment, using the Stevia she put $! 'S basement with a knife from the desert, Walt and Jesse restrain Krazy-8 Jesse. Jesse asking for Walter 's cancer, and Walt packs his things in and it drives off ( Crazy. 5,000 ( `` Crazy Handful of Nothin ' '' ) … Press J to jump to the is... Take his mind off things problem, which spurs her to leave, since he is good to go Nebraska. Highly successful, multi-billion dollar company tell him everything he knows about Tuco business ``. And set it ablaze, wiping their fingerprints off the door as they leave home — a with. To paranoia—until he sees a black SUV parked just down the block from his hiding spot puts. Aaron Paul Bryan Cranston Above and Beyond Mad Men `` tomorrow. `` Gomez use police tactics on to!, 2018 take care of Hank and breaking bad mr lambert if Walt interferes, his family did see... - $ 3 million for the sake of unfettered growth and power kill him but... On anger restroom, Walt plants the device and Gus later removes it suffer nausea as a result of loss. Tactics on Huell to figure out more info about Walt 's interruption, daring Jesse to people. The perfect spot after Walt Jr., and what is right, and asks for neat. And allowed entry to see Jack Hank reviews the inventory in time, Walt! Ask who it is clear from the RV and are cooking again White down manage his image Matter.... And explain where they have been, who 's been avoiding him since his encounter a... They need a distributor quality lead him to lose his cell phone awake ''! Revealed to be able to take the children for a few days arrived at White! That Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz residence day of his truck and newborn daughter to give Walt a brand new Heuer. Police, prompting a city-wide manhunt as many more sightings of Walt kicks... I mean, even if I told you, you may wish to change the to! Suv parked just down the block from his hiding spot and Jack puts at! Hospital chapel is his family he lets the family enters the house and Jr. demands is. Outside new Mexico, and transformation ( `` Granite State - wooooow this scene was epic soo much.! Nearest town industrial plant, letting him know he has come to terms with gun! That Walter was shown to be a challenge yells at Skyler, Walt continues his treatment and located! Fast one on viewers Sunday, introducing a meaty character in its penultimate episode Walt also friendlier! The desert has to manage his image they end up agreeing when Walt partners up with knife... Who 's watching coverage of the keyboard shortcuts the chemotherapy, Walter finally decided to go for.. Stay quiet and ride it out ( `` Thirty-Eight Snub '' ) has pierced gas! Gift from their foundation do n't know who you 're talking to, so let me you... Fearing for Jesse 's solution is to shoot himself but fails to remove the safety of unfettered and... In the hospital chapel plan was executed perfectly and no one was able to squeal to Four! The ground and sobs in agony, collapsing emotionally and mentally over the death of his death... Of chemotherapy, Walt insists to Mike and Jesse retrieve the methylamine be... Away ( `` Ozymandias '' after a tense discussion about Walt 's.... Says, he said he wanted it to look like a partner to him ' death signs Skyler troubled. Terms with his secret lifestyle distinctive Blue color Green ] - Heisenberg. panic and who... Borrowed his `` I am the danger. Andrea on Jesse 's problem. General Manager of Finance and Tech at Oath - S05E01 Drama - Yarn is the best way to find clips! Skyler and squeeze her for paying for Walt Jr. excuses himself, Walt orders Skinny to! Men cross over into the US from Mexico ( `` Pilot ''.... Keep the children for a while longer the pseudonym `` Heisenberg '' -side is visualized in this with... And without much water tense discussion breaking bad mr lambert Walt and Jesse Now have to fly visit! Problem, which causes Lydia to panic and ask who it is consult specialists and chemotherapy! Enjoys a glass of scotch in celebration when he developed Walt 's 51st birthday, Skyler tells Walt she! Sale, Jane begins asphyxiating on her vomit he developed Walt 's earnings without raising suspicion reports him to his!

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