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supreme court rules, 1966

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The petitioner presenting a petition shall be represented by an advocate and in case it is so necessary the Court may direct that legal aid be provided to the petitioner. The Court may thereupon dismiss the matter for non-prosecution or give such direction in the matter as it deems fit.]. ], PART V ORDER XXXVII SPECIAL REFERENCE UNDER ARTICLE 143 OF THE CONSTITUTION. Subs. The accused person may, if he so wishes present his case by submitting his arguments in writing and the same shall be considered at the hearing of the appeal. The petitioner shall file at least seven spare sets of the petition and of the accompanying papers. 3. The written statement containing the particulars mentioned in rule 4 of this order shall have the same effect as a plaint in a cross suit so as to enable the Court to pronounce a final judgment in respect both of the original claim and of set-off. Affidavits by the parties shall be filed in the Registry not later than two weeks before the date appointed for hearing and the affidavit in reply by the Attorney-General shall be filed not later than two days preceding the day of the hearing of the application. Ins. 2. Subs. (1) Tbese rules may be cited as the Supreme Court Rules, 2013. 2. Ins. 1. 1. and Judicial Deposits-Civil Deposits-Civil Court Deposits’. Home » Bare-acts » Supreme Court Rules 1966, by B&B Associates | Mar 24, 2020 | 0 comments. B&B Associates LLP Advocates & Legal Consultants Chandigarh - Panchkula - Noida - Faridabad - Dehradun - Lucknow - Ludhiana. 2-7-1983). ARIZONA REPUBLICAN PARTY, ET AL., Petitioners, v. DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE, ET AL., Respondents. ��k�B�C�ᒍ��džP���W��m���`�4��X��k>�3 �Յ���3k��HQ�d�`�O��#T�|�N�mF����¯k�)N34GV���O endobj 28. The petition shall also state the date of the order appealed from as well as the date on which it was received by the appellant. Each paper as and when it is filed in the record shall be numbered and entered in the Index and classified in such manner as the Registrar may direct under the appropriate Part to which it belongs. A document which ought to be produced in Court by the plaintiff when the plaint is presented or to be entered in the list to be added or annexed to the plaint, and which is not produced or entered accordingly, shall not without the leave to the Court, be received in evidence at the hearing of the suit. Rule 2 omitted by G.S.R. After an order has been made for the delivery of interrogatories one set of the interrogatories, as allowed, shall be annexed and served with the order upon the person to be interrogated. by G.S.R. 2. A document served by post shall be deemed to be served at the time at which it would be delivered in the ordinary course of post. Except during vacation and on Saturdays and holidays, the offices of the Court, shall, subject to any order by the Chief Justice, be open daily from 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. but no work unless of an urgent nature, shall be admitted after 4.30 P.M. 1[2. 2. An application calling in question an election shall only be by a petition made and presented in accordance with the provisions of this Order. (b) Alongwith the petition, list of dates in chronological order with relevant material facts or events pertaining to each of the dates shall be furnished. After the expiry of the time fixed for the filing of the additional list by the respondent, the Registrar shall fix a day for the settlement of list of documents to be included in the appeal record and shall give notice thereof to the parties who have entered appearance. by G.S.R. ORDER VII CONSTITUTION OF DIVISION COURTS AND POWERS OF A SINGLE JUDGE. 1. ], PART VII ORDER XXXIX ELECTION PETITIONS UNDER PART III OF THE PRESIDENTIAL AND VICE-PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS ACT, 1952 (31 OF 1952), 1. 21-12-1974). 8. Deleted by G.S.R. 13. by G.S.R. Subs. 7. U.S. Supreme Court Kent v. United States, 383 U.S. 541 (1966) Kent v. United States. 10. 466, dated 22nd June, 1983 (w.e.f. Where there is no other person fit and willing to act as guardian, the Court may appoint an officer of the Court to be guardian. (3) Where the Court has ordered the transfer of the case at the instance of a party, the record abovesaid shall be prepared at the cost of such party. (2) Where the guardian of a minor retires, dies or is removed by the Court during the pendency of the suit, appeal or other proceeding, the Court shall appoint a new guardian in his place. 40. 1-3-2006). 30-5-1981). 5. lns. The petition of appeal shall be registered and numbered as soon as it is found to be in order and the Registry shall immediately thereafter issue notice of lodgment of petition of appeal to the respondents with a copy to the Standing Counsel of the State concerned. 1. Where any particular number of days is prescribed by these rules, or is fixed by an order of the Court, in computing the same, the day from which the said period is to be reckoned shall be excluded, and, if the last day expires on a day when the Court is closed, that day and any succeeding days on which Court remains closed shall also be excluded. 3[5A. ], 1[ORDER XX-D APPEALS UNDER SECTION 16 OF THE TERRORIST AND DISRUPTIVE ACTIVITIES (PREVENTION) ACT, 1985. After the appeal is registered, it shall be put up for hearing ex-parte before the Court which may either dismiss it summarily or direct issue of notice to all necessary parties, or may make such orders as the circumstances of the case may require. Each allegation of fact in the plaint, if not denied specifically or by necessary implication, or not expressly stated to be not admitted in the pleading of the defendant, shall be taken to be admitted, but the Court may in its discretion require any fact so admitted to be proved otherwise than by such admission. (39) Imposing costs on the party in default of compliance of the orders passed by the Registrar. On 14th September, 1973, the Supreme Court Act Chapter 27 of the Laws of Zambia was passed to provide for the constitution, procedure and jurisdiction of the Court. Added by G.S.R. (4) Where the Court has directed the transfer of the case upon the application by the Union of India or the State Government, the record abovesaid shall be prepared at the cost of the Government of India or the State concerned, as the case may be. In the verification of petitions, pleadings or other proceedings, statements based on personal knowledge shall be distinguished from statements based on information and belief. 1[Provided, however, that no Court fees or process fee or copying fee shall be chargeable in respect of matters filed in this Court through the Supreme Court Legal Services Committee.]. In the case of decisions, reference shall be given to official reports, if available. 8. (2) an affidavit in support of the statement of facts contained in the petition. Docket No. 2. /Keywords () 1. 9. 1. 10. Subs. Where a statute, regulation, rule, ordinance or bye- law is cited or relied on, so much thereof as may be necessary to the decision of the case shall be set out. Every suit shall be instituted by the presentation of a plaint. Where the appellant succeeds in the appeal, the Registrar shall calculate the amount of Court-fees which would have been paid by the appellant if he had not been permitted to appeal as 1[an indigent person] and incorporate it in the decree or order of the Court; such amount shall be recoverable by the Government of India from any party ordered by the Court to pay the same, and shall be the first charge on the subject-matter of the appeal. 410, dated 26th February, 1968 (w.e.f. (3) The State concerned shall pay the fees specified in the certificate issued under sub-rule (2) to the Advocate named therein within three months from the date of his presenting before it his claim for the fees supported by the certificate. Ins. 3. 8. (5) Where the Court has directed the transfer of a case on its own motion, the record shall be prepared in accordance with the rules of the High Court or subject to the directions of the Court, if any, regarding the cost thereof: Provided, however, that where the record has been printed for the purpose of the case before the High Court and sufficient number of copies of the said printed record are available, the same shall be sent to the Court and no fresh printing of the record shall be necessary, except, however, such additional papers as may be required. (d) Soon after 1[an appeal by an indigent person] has been heard and disposed of, the advocate for the 1[indigent person] shall file in the Registry a statement of account showing what moneys, if any, were received by him in the case on any account from the 1[indigent person] or from any person on his behalf and the expenditure incurred. In cases where intervention is allowed by the Court, the intervener or interveners may file written submissions prior to the hearing of the matter shall but not be entitled to address any oral arguments, unless otherwise directed by the Court. Every petition under article 139A(2) of the Constitution or section 25 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, shall be in writing. 7. The Registrar may direct that any paper assigned to Part II be transferred to Part I for being preserved permanently. Service of any notice, order or other document on the Advocate-on-record of any party shall be deemed sufficient service on the party whom he represents and may be effected by delivering it to the Advocate-on-record or by leaving it with a clerk in his employ at his office.]. In appeals falling under any of the categories enumerated in sub-rule (1) of rule 15, however, in addition to the documents mentioned above, a certified copy (or uncertified copy if such copy is affirmed to be true copy upon affidavit) of the Judgment or order of the Court immediately below shall also be filed before the appeal is listed for hearing ex-parte. 6. by G.S.R. Ins. 2. (2) Applications for delivery of interrogatories. 30-7-1983). (3) (a) Where any statement of objection is filed by the respondent, it shall be supported by an affidavit of the party or any person authorised by him verifying to the correctness of the statements made therein and also to the effect that annexures produced are the true copies of the originals which formed part of record in the Court below. Where a caveat has been lodged as aforesaid, notice of the hearing of the petition shall be given to the caveator; but a caveator shall not be entitled to costs of the petition, unless the Court otherwise orders. A petition other than memorandum of appeal containing allegations of fact which cannot be verified by reference to the record in the Court shall be supported by an affidavit. 5. B��"�m���AK��Jr��! 11. (27) Applications by accused persons for engagement of advocate under rule 25 of Order XXI. Provided that applications for exemption from filing of certified copies of judgments or orders accompanying a special leave petition shall be posted before the Court along with the Special Leave Petition. If no order for substitution of a new petitioner or petitioners be made by the Court under the rules but the Court only permits the withdrawal of the petition, or strikes off the petitioner or petitioners from the petition, notice of the order of withdrawal of the petition or striking off the petitioner or petitioners shall be published by the Registrar in the Official Gazette and in the newspapers in which the original petition had been advertised under rule 15 and the Court may, on the application made within fourteen days of the publication of such notice in the Official Gazette by any other candidate or 1[in the case of Presidential election, another twenty electors, and in the case of Vice- Presidential election another ten electors who might himself or themselves have been a petitioner or petitioners make an order upon such. (8) Applications for grant of copies of records to third parties. 2. Copies required under rule 1 or rule 2 may be certified as correct copies by the Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Assistant Registrar, or such other officer as may be authorised in that behalf by the Registrar. 9-5-1981). The Court may, for sufficient reason, allow any affidavit to be sworn, on behalf of the party from whom discovery, production or inspection is sought, by any person competent to make the same. 407 dated 9th December, 1997 (w.e.f. 6. Save as aforesaid, the provisions of Order XXXII of the Code relating to suits so far as applicable, shall apply mutatis mutandis to appeals and other proceedings in the Court. The fee for taxation and registration of every bill of costs shall be paid in Court-fee stamps when the bill is lodged for taxation. 26-2-1968). 1. 1[(3) The length of the summer vacation of the Court and the number of holidays for the Court and the offices of the Court shall be such as may be fixed by the Chief Justice and notified in the Official Gazette so as not to exceed one hundred and three days (excluding Sundays) not falling in the vacation and during holidays.]. by G.S.R. 2. 387, dated 13th March, 1978 (w.e.f. Ins. Reference received under article 317(1). Section 12 in THE SUPREME COURT RULES, 1966. Order I. (i) cause notice of the lodgment of the petition of appeal to be served on the respondent personally or in such manner as the Court appealed from may by rules prescribe; 1[(ii) unless otherwise ordered by the Court transmit to the Court at the expense of the appellant the original record of the case, including the record of the Courts below: Provided that where a transcript is to be prepared in accordance with the proviso to sub-rule (1) of rule 14, no original record shall be transmitted until specifically requisitioned; and]. 20-12-1997). The Registrar, after satisfying himself that the petition of appeal is in order, shall endorse the date of presentation on the petition and register the same as an appeal in the Court. Ins. 1. (21) Applications for registration of advocates as advocates on record. The petition of appeal shall be accompanied by : (i) an authenticated copy of the decision sought to be appealed from; (ii) and at least seven spare sets of the petition and the papers filed with it. Save as otherwise provided by the rules contained in this order, the provisions of other Orders shall, so far as may be, apply to references under sub- section (2) of section 7 of the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969 (54 of 1969). 1350 dated 11th December, 1974 (w.e.f. An affidavit intended to be used by a person other than the petitioner either in support of the petition or in opposition to the same shall be filed not less than five days before the date fixed for the hearing thereof and notice of the filing thereof shall be given to the petitioner or his advocate on record on the day on which the affidavit is filed. 1. 26-2-1968). 25-12-1982). Any person ordered to pay money into Court shall present a lodgement schedule in the prescribed form to the Section Officer of the Accounts Section of the Registry for the issue of a challan to enable him to make the payment into the Bank. 12. Surplus copies of printed records, and of pleading and petitions.] 2. (3) Applications for substituted service, or for dispensing with service of notice of the appeal on any of the respondents to the appeal under rule 10 of Order XV. A petition for a writ of habeas corpus shall be accompanied by an affidavit by the person restrained stating that the petition is made at his instance and setting out the nature and circumstances of the restraint; Provided that where the person restrained is unable owing to the restraint to make the affidavit, the petition shall be accompanied by an affidavit to the like effect made by some other person acquainted with the facts, which shall state the reason why the person restrained is unable to make the affidavit. 1. Upon preliminary hearing, the Court, if satisfied, that the petition does not deserve regular hearing as contemplated in Rule 20 of this Order may dismiss the petition or pass any appropriate order as the Court may deem fit. 994, dated 8th December, 1982 (w.e.f. Where the record has been printed for the purpose of the appeal before the High Court and sufficient number of copies (if it is in English) are available, no fresh printing of the record shall be necessary except of such additional papers as may be required.]. General. (38) Application for exemption from surrendering.]. (31) Application for extension of time for filing pleadings, provided that the Registrar shall not grant more than two extensions for the same purpose. 4. 7. 466, dated 22nd June, 1983 (w.e.f. 198, dated 4th February, 1976(w.e.f. The Court may enlarge or abridge any time appointed by these rules or fixed by any order enlarging time, for doing any act or taking any proceeding, upon such terms (if any) as the justice of the case may require, and any enlargement may be ordered, although the application therefor is not made until after the expiration of the time appointed or allowed. Ins. 9. 1-3-2006). 2. ], 1[16. 16. 9. (1) Where the petitioner is not represented by an Advocate of his choice, the Court may in a proper case direct the engagement of an Advocate amicus curiae at the cost of the State. 7. (i) A copy of the order of the Income Tax Officer; (ii) Memorandum of appeal to the Appellate Assistant Commissioner; (iii) A copy of the order of the Appellate Assistant Commissioner; (iv) Memorandum of appeal to the Appellate Tribunal; (v) A copy of the order of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal under section 254 of the Income-tax Act, 1961; (vi) A copy of the application for reference under section 256 of the Income-Tax Act, 1961; (vii) Such other documents, as in the opinion of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, may be required by the Supreme Court at the hearing of the reference. Upon receipt from the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal of the English transcript of the record as aforesaid, the Registrar of the Court shall require the party, who moved the application under section 256 of the Income Tax Act, 1961, to deposit the charges for printing the said record within such time as he may prescribe, but not exceeding 30 days and with all convenient speed arrange for preparation thereof. 500/- for the hearing of the appeal arising therefrom as may be fixed by the Bench hearing the appeal, and in an appropriate case the Bench hearing the case may, for the reasons to be recorded in writing, sanction payment of a lump sum not exceeding Rs. 16. Where any statute, regulation, rule or ordinance or bye-law is cited or relied upon, so much thereof as may be necessary for the decision of the points in issue shall be set out. A petition calling in question an election may be presented on one or more of the grounds specified in sub-section (1) of section 18 and section 19 of the Act, by any candidate at such election, or. 4. by G.S.R. 2. Subs. 385 U.S. 206. 250/- shall be payable on the petition of appeal under this order. Every appeal, petition or other proceeding by a minor shall be instituted or continued in his name by his next friend. (2) Where the advocate on record of such minor omits, within a reasonable time, to take steps to get a new next friend appointed, any person interested in the minor or in the matter in issue may apply to the Court for the appointment of one, and the Court may appoint such person as it thinks fit as the next friend of such minor. THE SUPREME COURT RULES, 1966 PART III Original Jurisdiction ORDER XXII PARTIES TO SUITS. (8) Applications for better statement of claim or defence. No money shall be paid out of the funds in Court without an order of the Court. The Registrar may refuse to receive an affidavit where in his opinion the interlineations, alterations, or erasures are so numerous as to make it expedient that the affidavit should be rewritten. One of such copies shall be duly authenticated by the Registrar of the Court appealed from.]. When the purpose for which any documents have been deposited in Court is satisfied, the party by whom they were deposited may, pending the suit, have them delivered out to him, if he has the consent in writing of the other party, or an order of the Court. 387, dated 13th March, 1978(w.e.f. 1. Added by G.S.R. Ins. 1. 50,798. The official seal to be used in the Court shall be such as the Chief Justice may from time to time direct, and shall be kept in the custody of the Registrar. (a) where it does not disclose a cause of action. United States Supreme Court. (5) Applications for exemption from paying Court-fees. 3. 1006, dated 2nd July, 1970 (w.e.f 11-7-1970). Iii ) ‘ junior ’ means an advocate on record shall have a right to be registered in the regularly... Or adding party or for furnishing undertaking, Bank guarantee or security terms of a shall... Heard on one side be barred by any supreme court rules, 1966 for payment out of pocket 13th March, (! Court or Registrar may direct: should there be a lump sum not exceeding Rs dated 24th,... Judge in Chambers again for appropriate orders s Freedom XIV payment INTO and out of pocket information, term! Presented in accordance with the payment of all fees and charges payable to the respondent, every. After the order appealed from ; and and of pleading and for approval of a petition shall consist of numbered! Be lodged in the form of a sentence or order or stay of execution a... Intervention in a decree or order supreme court rules, 1966 stay of proceedings in civil.... Be forwarded to the Judge in Chambers again for appropriate orders 1977 ( w.e.f the Chamber Judge the... And authentication thereof shall comply with the payment of costs and for enlargement of time for purpose! Copy of a petition. ] advocate under rule 25 of 1961.! The summons mentioned in the plaint [ part VIA order XXXVIII-A reference under 17... 17 ) Applications for condonation of delay and such other persons as Chamber... Of case shall consist of paragraphs numbered consecutively the value of rupees ten any... Be exercised by the Registrar or stay of execution of a translator or interpreter in Miranda v. Arizona 1966 Court. Heard in person save by special leave petitions. ] caveator shall not exceed weeks! Of Bihar ( and other cases ) ( 18 ) Questions arising in taxation by. Order appealed from ; and advocate other than an advocate of documents outside premises! Money or security ) Fixing the remuneration of a sentence or order stay... Court has been paid other authority form of a sentence or order or of. It would involve setting aside an abatement fix a date for the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA Syllabus... Shall not be entitled to costs as it consider necessary every summons shall be made on a Court-fee of! His having entered an appearance to the election Commission, the petition shall be accompanied by a translator interpreter! Clause ( 4 ) Applications for disposal of an appeal in terms a. Via order XXXVIII-A reference under ARTICLE 139A ( 1 ) no separate application for vacating interim need... A person under arrest moneys so received by the Taxing Officer shall fix a date for the purpose this. Et AL., Petitioners, v. DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE, ET AL., supreme court rules, 1966 Court-fees shall not ten. Give such direction in the decisions of the bill of costs shall be in petition! In which it is sworn the issue of a certificate regarding any court-. Documents outside Court premises the rule shall be in the decisions of the statement of cases cited summon. And ARTICLE 32 petitions without Annexures. ] or more Respondents may, 1981 ( w.e.f record of the so! As far as may be cited as the Justice of the TERRORIST and DISRUPTIVE ACTIVITIES ( )! Proceedings and Criminal APPEALS special leave petition in the First Schedule to the Court [ 6 the! Ad litem 11 deleted by G.S.R 189, dated 3rd July, 1970 w.e.f. To Saturday 10:00 am to 06:00 pm.Sundays and holidays Reserved for urgent & appointments! No Court-fees or process fees shall be made by the Taxing Officer is instructed an! September, 1987 ( w.e.f orders ] Justice of the record shall be paid in Court-fee stamps when the of. To Tax bills returned by the appellant may deposit the said document is translated by a petition the official.... Days from the custody of any such petition a respondent who has entered appearance shall be given to the Government... 22Nd September, 1987 ( w.e.f of warrants before or after filing objections accordance with the board! Schedules First Schedule to these Rules may be required for the purpose the money paid out of of! Singh Deo Vs. Union of India, Extra., dated 26th February, 2006 ( w.e.f may pass such as! As item 13 in part ii by G.S.R.409, dated 22nd February, 1976 ( w.e.f 2-7-1983 ) been,! Person having an advocate on record, absolutely or subject as aforesaid, petition or other.! Party or each Counsel: – by parties other than an advocate on shall! His having entered an appearance to the Registrar for return of documents and.. Dates of warrants, 2020 | 0 comments if so, with what result sit Saturdays! ) Fixing the remuneration of a guardian ad litem be served on the original records shall given... 1978 ( w.e.f 15th January, 1984 Court at the same appeal hearing of documents... The Bank were revised and reintroduced by R.S.C Vs. Union of India and State of Bihar ( and other ). The fees of the appeal shall be discharged ( 31 ) summons for non-prosecution pass... Person whatsoever except another advocate on record shall be filed shall give notice in writing that... Source of this information all proceedings in the case of registers, the matters! And MISCELLANEOUS petitions. ] the written briefs shall be posted before the Court may thereupon the... Statute was upheld by the presentation of a minor shall be Rs by next. N. SECTION 4 [ View Judgements ] ORDER-IV be printed in accordance with the reference through President! Person ] and Bank Guarantees the last specified rule to every respondent who has entered shall! Source of this order ‘ pleading ’ means an advocate shall be effected personally or registered. Item 6 to 11 and item 12 added by G.S.R a Court-fee stamp of the statement of contained. ( 68 of 1986 ), set off and counter claim ) LLP advocates legal. Vii CONSTITUTION of DIVISION COURTS and powers of the CONSTITUTION ) or ADVOCATE-GENERAL States... From filing process fee 33 of order XXXI supreme court rules, 1966, as the may. Miscellaneous order XLIII notice of his choice 14th April, 1983 supreme court rules, 1966 w.e.f 2-7-1983 ) w.e.f 28-6-1997.! Pleading ’ supreme court rules, 1966 plaint or written statement, set off and counter claim ) admitted leave! Is lodged for taxation and delivery of bill of costs shall be made on Court-fee. For an order to that effect the cause, appeal or other proceeding by a practitioner. The accompanying papers persons of UNSOUND MIND summons for non-prosecution or give such direction in Court. Civil and Criminal APPEALS order XXI special leave petitions, APPEALS or writ petitions. ] regarding!, 2 [ as an indigent person ] 25 of order XXXI shall,,. However be open to the Registrar a column for the issue of notice but shall the! Be open to the alleged major lasted for more than two days i.e additional qualification Secretary the. As it consider necessary lodging the petition and the Attorney- General for India order XXXVIII reference under SECTION 257 the! The party in default of compliance of the CONSTITUTION shall be confined only to respondent. The Justice of the statement of case within thirty-five days thereafter also State the date the! That any paper assigned to part i ( to be preserved permanently is a.. If possible, be given to the Registrar an intervener shall not be affected by Law. Support of the statement of case within thirty-five days thereafter order granting the said in... Disclose a cause of action order for payment out of Court of APPEALS for hearing... Order XXXIV in the cause, appeal or other proceeding by a translator appointed or approved by the defendant forthwith! Any particular case to Tax bills returned by the Court remove his name by his next friend rule,... For appropriate orders dated 11th December, 1982 ( w.e.f ten weeks added as a plaintiff his! Of delay in paying deficit Court-fees or process fees shall be served on the petition of appeal shall entitled! Code with respect to ADMISSIONS shall apply in SUITS instituted before the Court thereupon. Minors or persons of UNSOUND MIND his name in such installments as the Supreme Court Criminal Rules ; order! A w y E r s E r s E r V i c E s who... Registers, the remaining original Rules were revised and reintroduced by R.S.C read a judgment prepared by another of. A clerk from the custody of any Court or Registrar may exercise all the functions the... ) which also embodied the 1962 revised Rules persons for engagement of advocate record! And a lump sum not exceeding Rs Deo Vs. Union of India, Extra., dated 13th,! Deputy Registrar may direct hearing, and of the Court for preliminary hearing orders. Bare ACT / Law / Statute / Kanoon - LawyerServices shall only be by a petition, ACT! I ( to be preserved permanently has filed his written statement for grant of bail where the substitution would setting... With it also serve on the notice for being produced before the Court otherwise orders an shall... The Central Government renumbered as item 13 in part ii by G.S.R.409, dated 22nd June, (. 694, dated 9th December, 1997 ( w.e.f the notice 29 and 31 deleted by G.S.R View ]! ( 39 ) Imposing costs on the notice shall be filed in the.! And authentication thereof contain the following matters may be cited as the Registrar shall send a copy of the PROTECTION! For engagement of advocate under rule 25 of 1961 ) ( 36 application! And numbers shall be given to official reports, if available disclose the source of this.!

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