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cold process soap troubleshooting

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Hi Pennytoes! I tested the PH is all around 7. (Try 115 to 120°F , which is 46 to 49°C.) If it’s still soft after rebatching, then you could still let it sit and cure for many months. I’m not sure since I haven’t tried making laundry soap with my homemade coconut laundry soap – instead I make a dry detergent with it: Reason: These molds behave similarly to silicone molds, but are even worse at holding onto cold process soap. Hi Kyptnc7! If you want to add extra oils, you can definitely do so, but you’d want to include them in the list when creating a recipe with a lye calculator to make sure you have enough lye. It will be one to keep for personal use, not gift giving. Reason: Especially for palm free soaps, or recipes that are high in olive oil, you don’t need the full amount of water given on a standard lye calculator. Thank you! Reason: This is a normal part of the soapmaking process called gel phase, which is when the chemical reaction between the lye and oils causes the soap to heat up hotter than it was when you first started mixing it. Did you double check the recipe with a lye calculator to make sure that it was correct? Regarding DOS, have you any insight on when they happen almost immediately vs.over months? If this happens to your soap, cut off the worst affected places. Lather Lovers Additive Tests, One Year Later! Like it was oily , some grunky stuff at the bottoms of the bowl , little stuff floating on top . Don’t use a hand mixer like you use for making cakes or whipping cream. Soap is not the color or scent you expected. Solution: When using cocoa butter in a recipe, unrefined will give the soap a chocolate type of scent which is yummy smelling with something like mint essential oil, but too overpowering if you want something like a delicate rose scent. That’s a pretty high amount of coconut oil for a 5% superfat, so it’s probably contributing to the drying feeling. Hi Nga! You an also try this trick by Good Earth Spa of drilling holes in the stick blender to help reduce bubbles. Reason: discovered an awesome homemade soap in Nova Scotia. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. To offset loss of lather, add castor oil at 5 to 7%. Once I mistakenly thought the container of plain water I had sitting nearby to rinse my stick blender in, was the cooled lye solution. Reason: The more water in a recipe, the longer it takes to evaporate out over cure time. When using sodium lactate, add around 1 teaspoon for every pound (16 oz) of oils in a recipe, stirred into the cooled lye solution. my soap has palmolein n olive oil pomace … I think I might have had oils hardening before completely dissolving… Appreciate if you can please respond. It will continue to harden over a few weeks but will not be a long-lasting bar. I’m always learning new things too, so will be sure to update & expand it over time. A soap I made about 18 hours ago is still very soft in the mold, but mostly, it doesn’t feel like a soft soap at all. You  may notice that a weak lye solution doesn’t get very hot, the soap batter takes too long to reach trace, and the final soap feels oily or soft and squishy, like playdough. 200g olive oil This usually occurs only when soap with extra sugars from juices, milks, or alcohol become overheated. If an essential oil causes ricing check the brand that you’re using since it’s likely cut with synthetics. Soap has small visible white spots all throughout. Add to the lye solution once it has cooled. Soda ash forms when unsaponified lye reacts with naturally-occurring carbon dioxide in the air. After graduation, I left for Europe for a bit, left my soap making supplies with my parents, and took a break from soaping for a couple years. Hello – Thank you for all the information. Soap batter suddenly seizes up and becomes impossible to stir. Solution: Make sure the soap is completely blended to a light trace. Give the soap several weeks to several months of extra cure time and it should eventually harden up. If it has been several hours and the soap is only dark in the middle of the mold but the edges aren’t, then you may need an extra layer of insulation to help retain the heat. Reason: You didn’t stir the lye until it completely dissolved. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Peek at your soap every now and then. 200g coconut oil The only sure way to avoid soap ash is to carefully place parchment paper directly on the top surface of your soap after pouring. :). Hi Susan, So glad you found the troubleshooting guide helpful! In the case of green soaps however, the natural added hue of unrefined hemp, avocado, and olive oils is a welcome addition. Reason: Some essential oils (EO) and fragrance oils (FO) don’t hold up well in soap. Cold process soap requires patience. The extra water weight makes it so it doesn’t weigh out correctly and your soap will end up with less lye than it needs. It’s possible that there was too much lye. Solution: Dilute honey with an equal part of warm water before adding to the soap batter. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. On a daily basis I receive emails from readers about problems and questions encountered while making soap. Did you add the lye water? The mixture may have not been stirred enough. Move it to a cooler room if you have one available. This is not your average soap making book. (Possibly hours.). They are in there third week sof curing … what should i do? https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheNerdyFarmWife/posts, Hi Jan. the problem i think lies in the lye that i used. Castile or Bastile – High Olive Oil Soap. You can turn this soap into a moisturizing hand soap: Shave 4 bars with a potato peeler and add them to a gallon of water, then heat lightly until melted. Reason: Sodium lactate (a liquid salt derived from sugars in beets & corn) and table salt can both be used to harden soap so it’s ready to unmold sooner. Rebatched soap is sometimes very soft for a while; that’s okay – just give it a lot of time in the open air and though it could take many months, or even a year, it should eventually harden up enough to use! Reason: Soap that doesn’t go through gel phase may have texture issues at first. I finally found you… a trustworthy soap maker. Reason: Some colorants just don’t do well in soap, or you may be using the wrong amount or adding them at the wrong time. Soap making 101: Troubleshooting soap making. Soap has a tunnel inside when you cut into it. Q. Jun. Still, it’s good to be prepared in case it does happen. ), 3. Solution: Stir the lye into the water until it goes from cloudy to clear to ensure it’s mixed well. https://thenerdyfarmwife.com/coconut-laundry-soap-stain-stick-laundry-detergent-recipe/. It looks like the makings of a really great recipe! Wire cutters tend to make air bubbles more visible than cutting bars with a sharp knife. Thanks for this super helpful blog. If using palm oil, it’s recommended to completely melt and stir the oil every time you use it or you might have an uneven balance of fatty acids, leading to more spots in some batches. (This sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.) Did you double a batch of oils but forget to double the lye solution used? Solution: Use distilled water, deionized water, or reverse osmosis water when making soap. Solution: Try using an immersion or stick blender in short periodic bursts to speed up the process. Lye Crystals (feel sharp, crystal-like, scratchy). OR, If your lye solution and oils are too hot, then you might cause the soapmaking process to accelerate, leading to a fast trace. Just make sure that you insulate better the next time you use that recipe. If you find your soap cracking then try to cool it down. thank you, Hi Elyang! You could try rebatching it & see if that helps! (Pink/purple colorant + green oil = generally a brownish color.). I’ve had many readers write to me struggling with soda ash and in mulitiple cases, they’d been making soap in very cold areas, such as 50°F (10°C). Solution: Check the recipe with a lye calculator and see what the recommended water amount is. Thanks a lot. Another idea is to also reduce the cocoa butter down to 75 grams (15%) and replace the 25 grams (5%) with something extra nourishing for your skin like shea butter, or avocado oil. Solution: Use a modest amount of honey, around 1 teaspoon for every pound of oils in the recipe. Solution: You can choose to leave the droplets on the surface of the soap and see if they reabsorb in over the next few days, or dab at the moisture with a paper towel to soak them up. To do so, preheat your oven to the very lowest temperature. Solution: Work at lower temperatures and reduce the amount of water in your recipe. However, it could also be a recipe that wasn’t properly formulated, an oil was left out, the soap seized, or even when the lye solution was not fully mixed. Should I super fat more ? Solution: Temperature is subjective and flexible, but if you’re a newer soapmaker, aim for temperatures around 95 to 110° F (35 to 43° C). Solution: If adding beeswax to soap, use at a rate of 0.5 to 3% and be sure to use a lye calculator for your recipe since beeswax is included in the oil calculations. For further reading you may enjoy “To Gel of Not to Gel” by Kevin Dunn and “Jazzed About Gel Phase” by the Soap Queen. Thank you, this is so helpful. Reason: Palm free soaps and recipes high in olive oil (or other soft oils) sometimes take longer to firm up. The color of the lye solution is not always related to the final color of the soap. Here's a video about soap making troubleshooting. If the surface develops an oily sheen or loses the trace, then it’s a false trace. Reason: This sometimes happens when the soap overheats. If you want harder soap next time, up the amount of hard oils, gel the soap and keep the liquid amount to a maximum of 40%. Reason: Salt bars are special soaps made mostly or completely with coconut oil and high amounts of sea salt. Cold process soap is made without any external heat applied to it, while hot process soap is most often cooked in a crockpot to speed up the soapmaking process. Solution: An increased lather may help offset some of the slimy effect that castile or bastille soaps can have, while a decreased superfat will reduce the amount of free oils in a soap. Super great article. 4. Is it forming sort of a hill in the middle of the soap? https://www.eocalc.com/. A there a rule of thumb, for super fat soaps? Try dipping in water, as instructed by this. Reason: If you have dried flowers or other decorations on top of your soap, they can get caught up in the knife or soap cutter wire when cutting into bars. Am i putting too much coconut oil in ? Solution: Buy a fresh bottle of lye from a reputable vendor. Thanks for commenting! Make sure your temperatures are right. What am I missing here?? Reason: This could be because your soap didn’t completely emulsify; you stopped mixing too soon. (If you have big chunks of hard unmelted fat and soft spots of soap in between them, then that might be a bad sign, but little spots are usually okay.) She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her family and a menagerie of animals, where she enjoys brainstorming creative things to make with the flowers and weeds that grow around her. I have your book, 101 Easy Homemade Products. Solution: If using SoapCalc or Soapee lye calculators, change the water as percent of oils number from the default 38%, down to 33 to 35%. Is it past its expiration date? Learn how to prevent it in this post. Inexpensive essential oils from Amazon and Ebay, or local stores such as Michaels or Walmart, are almost always mixed with synthetic fragrance to save cost. Start with alcohol boiled off and milk, juices, or alcohols frozen to a slush. (super fat soap question) Hi! Hi Carol, I’m so sorry to hear it did that! Reason: These are usually caused by colorants that weren’t completely mixed into the soap batter. I put that into bramble berry soap calc to find lye and water and add 15g if essential oils at trace. Leave undisturbed for 24 hours or until solid enough to handle. ... Fragrance oils are best used with Cold Process soap making and added at lower temperatures. Solution: Next time, use more insulation and warmer temperatures for your oils and lye solution. So your soap didn’t turn out quite how you had hoped? Can I use Theraputic essential oils in soap making? (“Soap-on-a-stick”). This ultimate troubleshooting guide breaks down the reasons and solutions for 30+ common cold process soap problems. Store it tightly sealed in the original plastic container. Solution: Increase the amount of hard oils in your recipe. Hopefully it just needed more time! Recipes that are higher in solid fats, such as cocoa butter, kokum butter, palm oil, tallow, and lard, tend to unmold more easily than recipes high in soft liquid oils such as olive or sunflower. Fresh herbs or teas were not prepared properly or the oils in the soap are going bad. I keep mine in a closet with DampRid to help absorb extra moisture from the air and to prolong its usefulness, especially during hot humid summers. Soap has weird orange or brown spots on it and/or smells bad. This will result in a very thick trace, but it might help save the batch. Place the soap in front of a fan to help with air circulation. This leads to a super fast trace which can quickly get out of hand if you’re using a stick blender. If it’s soft, it may need to be hot-processed or allowed to cure longer. Solution: The why is still a mystery to me, but it’s purely cosmetic and the soap is fine to use. If it’s solidly stuck to the bottom however, then your batch of soap will probably turn out on the softer side from the shortage of lye. This is why I suggest making tea before using the tea leaves. One technique to help with a misbehaving essential or fragrance oil is to reserve some of the warmed oils from the recipe, blend the EO or FO with it, then add right at emulsification stage or the thinnest trace. Hand stirring can be nice though; and help minimize air bubbles, so I think that was fine to do. Mix by hand, using the stick blender only if absolutely necessary, to ensure the EO or FO are mixed in completely. That might help the lather more without needing to add detergents. ), CLICK TO RETURN TO THE BEGINNING OF THE LIST. Jan Berry is a writer, herbalist, soapmaker, and bestselling author of The Big Book of Homemade Products, Simple & Natural Soapmaking, and Easy Homemade Melt & Pour Soaps. Reason: Overmixing with an immersion blender, or using an immersion blender that’s very old and incorporates in air. Reason: If your oils & lye are too cold, then the hard fats in the recipe (cocoa butter, kokum butter, lard, tallow, palm, etc) will start cooling and begin returning to their solid form, causing the soap batter to have a thicker texture. Reason: Olive oil doesn’t lather very well on its own. Hi Elizabeth, I’m so happy you found the troubleshooting soap article helpful! TROUBLESHOOTING COLD PROCESS SOAP PROBLEMS. (Don’t throw it out, just be aware that it may need a long time to firm up, if it ever does, and will be extra superfatted/oil-heavy. Also, just double checking – did you use a scale to weigh out the lye, or did you use a measuring cup? It most often happens when lavender essential oil is in the recipe, but not always. Or a good smell each, just different from each other? :). Try shaving the bars smooth with a vegetable peeler or carve the bars into shapes or cut into shavings for rebatching. Yes, I can buy it, however, the woman used bitcoin and I don’t do that. If your soap has small bits of lye crystals visible, it’s not safe to use or handle without gloves. :). If amounts and temperatures are correct, continue stirring up … Remove any insulation that you might have on your soap (blankets, etc. Return it to regular position before turning on. Soap has uneven colored streaks or spots in it. Hard, chalky soap that crumbles when you try to cut it. This increases the amount of free oils in the soap, making it more conditioning. While it might be tempting to put it in the fridge, only do so as a last resort. Some don’t do well when combined with raw soap and will bind with bits of hard fats in the recipe causing those solid lumps. Whew! Some essential oils that may accelerate trace include: bay laurel, citronella, clove, cinnamon, fir, palmarosa, pepper, ylang ylang. Cold Process Soap Making – Troubleshooting Tips. Use moderate amounts to prevent a chalky look. Then remove and allow to cool. We are very proud of our jasmine soap collection. This could take several hours, depending on the age/hardness of your soap. All content © The Nerdy Farm Wife - All Rights Reserved. Insufficient use of preservative e.g formaline 2. I’m trying to reheat it, but doubt that will work. If you want to share the recipe here, I can double check that for you too. When working with citrus essential oils, combine them with an anchor such as lemongrass or litsea to help them stick around longer. Pick the bag up and (using a hot pad) squish the soap around in the bag. Then, it needs to cure for 4-6 weeks to allow excess water to evaporate. Recipes with thin liquid oils can cause soap to take longer to come to trace. Reason: Olive oil and other soft oils like canola, sunflower, safflower, etc are extra conditioning but can feel slimy if used in high amounts and not cured for an extra long time. Solution: Use sodium lactate or salt in the lye solution, a water discount, and a high amount of solid fats. Read reviews before purchasing a fragrance oil to see if it’s known to do so, especially if it’s a floral or spice scent. So there is still hope before throwing it away! Infused oils may impact it? Yes, you can try to rebatch the soap & that can often fix problems such as false trace, or not reaching trace. Preparing your workspace before making cold process soap is essential. Reason: Sometimes a false trace happens where the soap looks like it has emulsified, but it’s really because a solid ingredient in the soap has gotten cool enough to start thickening the soap batter. I couldn’t figure out why my soap never reached trace until I discovered the difference. Yes i used actual items not scents and two my bars turned yellow and dont smell anything like the rest. Some colorants do best dissolved in oil, so add them to the warmed oils at the beginning of the soapmaking process or pre-infuse the oils with the colors. Because this is a massively long post (8,800+ words! Clear Plastic Molds. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Troubleshooting Lye Heavy Soap. (Oops!) I also have a natural colorant unit within my Soapmaking Success Video Course. I like using Soapee or Majestic Mountain Sage‘s lye calculators, but there are several other good ones online. Did the lye have any lumps or clumps in it? Making your cleansing soap by hand or acquiring handmade soap is the means to go. Was the cucumber and ginger finely juiced or pureed, or were there larger pieces in the soap? Solution: If making a single colored soap, dissolve clay or natural colorants in the hot lye solution for an overall even color. Visit http://www.SuperSoapMakingSecrets.com for more simple soap making recipes like this. This year, I’ve been experimenting with putting my soaps in a clear plastic storage tub. That’s a great question! 1. If your liquid soap recipe is made from scratch, then you might want to consider adjusting the recipe to include more coconut or castor oil, or try lather boosting additives like aloe liquid (in the lye solution, not for dilution) or sugar. If working in a warm room, or with ingredients containing natural sugars such as honey, milk, beer, etc, you may not need to insulate your soap. Hi, I was making some soap and while I added my essential oil and mixed it with a silicone spatula it all separated . It’s a balancing act for sure! Reason: The soapmaking process naturally produces glycerin, a humectant which is great for your skin. Solution: Let the lye solution and oils cool to well under 120° F (49°C) before working with them. However even the professionals may have batches that go wrong and here are some troubleshooting tips and example of what can happen and how to solve it. My suggestion, is to warm your oil before adding the Titanium dioxide and mix it thoroughly, preferably with a mini-blender. :), I have never seen my soap so oily the next day the oil is oozing out I have used the same ingredients a dozen times what can be wrong I hope I can still use it thanks for the advice, Hi Clara, I’m so sorry to hear your soap did that! Thank you Diana W. Hi Diana, I’m so glad you enjoyed the article! Make sure it’s completely blended in before pouring into the mold. If you don’t like the wrinkled top, shave it with a potato peeler. There’s a lot of advice out there on ways to remove soda ash, but very few helpful instructions on preventing soda ash on cold process soap. Solution: If your temperatures get too cold, the fatty acids in solid fats can start solidifying before they can react with the lye, and you can end up with stearic acid spots. This is a fantastic list of cause and effect situations found in soap. Or, you can try adding the FO to the warmed oils before adding the lye solution and stir by hand. Reason: These are called glycerin rivers, which are formed when the natural glycerin in soap overheats and forms clear veins or marbling throughout the soap. It’s been curing for 6 weeks, I’ve used this soap for my hands but the soap are getting softer and I think it will get worse. If you pour your lye solution into the oils, then notice the crust in the bottom of the container, you could try adding a small amount of warm water to the container in an effort to dissolve the crust and then add that to the oils as well. :). Be sure to read his paper on Dreaded Orange Spots for more information and options. Hi, just read your article on what’s wrong with my soap. All of them made soap in their kitchens, with kids around, and seemed to be unsafe. However, its ability to attract moisture means that in very humid weather, little glycerin beads or droplets may develop on the surface of the soap. Soap has dark spots that are oozy and sticky. Solution: Use 1 teaspoon of sodium lactate per pound of oils in a soap recipe. This is most evident when you see hard clumpy lye. Too much honey in soap is not a good thing, so resist the urge to go overboard. I have a question. Refined cocoa butter is available that won’t add scent to your soaps. I’m so sorry to hear that happened! cold process soap troubleshooting Recipes For Goat Milk Cleansing soap. I’m working on making up a blog post & video about rebatching soap that should hopefully be ready in the next week or two! Hi Vahid! If the surface develops an oily sheen or loses the trace, then it’s a false trace. After trace? You should not have to blend for an hour. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. You’ve been a great help. Curing creates a firmer bar that lasts longer in the shower. It sounds silly, but it does happen sometimes! Today's cold process soap makers have resolved many troubling issues involved with the process of making soaps. Soap is ready to slice as soon as it has completely cooled. If you have my print book, Simple & Natural Soapmaking, there are several pages of color charts showing real soaps made with a variety of natural colorants and the amounts used. Running a small dehumidifier in the area or using a product such as DampRid can be very helpful in humid environments. :), good day! The water will turn from cloudy to clear and you won’t see any residue at the bottom of the container. Double check water, oil and lye measurements. if it could no longer be salvaged how should i disposed it? Generally cold process soap making is straightforward and if you strictly follow the recipes and instructions you should not get any problems. Condensation will form on the surface as it returns to room temperature; this is normal, but you can place the soaps on paper towels to help absorb the moisture. Reason: Homemade soap melts easily if left in water. Dried herbs are better than fresh, because teas and herbs can bleed into the soap over time. In some cases, tallow and lard can add an unwanted aroma to your soap. :) (That can happen if the scale is off, or if you use a measuring cup instead of using a scale for the lye and oils.) You could also run that blend through the Essential Oil Calculator – it will give you a wide range of usage rates to choose from so you get the scent level (soft or strong) that you’re looking for. If it remains too soft after rebatching, then there’s still hope – you can let the bars of soap cure for several months or up to a year & it might become nice and usable. That helps a lot! Solution: Once you cut into bars and allow to cure in the open air for several days, the color should even out to where it’s not noticeable. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Hi Andy! (I have searched and seen many different soap makers videos and blogs. Hi, thank you, this post is amazing and I’m sure took a ton of time! If working with a new fragrance oil, read descriptions and reviews carefully to see if other soapmakers have experienced issues with it in soap. You can try shredding it and adding it to another … You can always incorporate the tea water into your soap as well. Looking for answers. Hi Sandi! Everyone wants their soap ready faster, but handmade soap requires a certain amount of time and patience. :). For laundry soap, you use a 0% superfat though, since you don’t want those extra oils on your clothes. It can also happen if it’s put in the fridge or freezer after making and/or just needs an extra day or two at room temperature before cutting. It does not affect the quality or performance of your soap. If it is hard, it’s still fine to use. Many times, soap that’s too soft is caused by a problem with the lye or something is off with the ingredient weights. The texture of remelted soap will be a bit different than cold process, but it will be soap you can use and you can actually use it immediately after it sets up if that is your desire. First, double check that you didn’t forget to add the lye when making soap. Solution: Use a water discount. that’s very informative. As you can see in the photo above, the charcoal soap shown started off incredibly soft, but over the course of a year, hardened up and turned into a nice creamy soap. If this happens often, you may want to consider placing newly poured soap in a 170°F oven until fully gelled. Set the pot onto a low rolling boil and let it heat. That sounds like a great combination! For more in-depth information, 60+ palm free recipes, helpful charts, plus a private Facebook support group, check out … Looked through the book and searched your blog first…do you have a recipe for a super fat soap? Reason: Using your immersion (or stick) blender too much. Hi Jan, thanks for another great post. If you cut a bar and it crumbles, or if it’s still soft, allow it to sit in the open air for several more days before trying again. There, you’ll find reasons for why the soapmaking problem happened and solutions to fix it and/or prevent it in the future. Thank you! https://thenerdyfarmwife.com/troubleshooting-cold-process-soap-problems/#section10 HELP??????? The soap will have a rougher “rustic” look to it, but it will be salvaged. Solution: Try increasing the superfat to 6, 7 or even 8%. Hi Asmin! That’s a great question! If making a bastille soap (around 75% or higher olive oil) be sure to include bubbly oils such as coconut (20 to 25%) and castor oil (5 to 7%). Reason: While you can stir soap by hand, in most cases it takes a very long time to reach trace. Higher amounts can feel draggy across your skin and reduce lather. Reason: Soap has extremely overheated. Little floaty bits batter has expanded out of hand if you want to share the recipe with a calculator... Of oil in a new tab a fresh bottle of lye used oils around (! So sorry to hear that hydroxide. cold process soap troubleshooting cosmetic and the recipe bag back into the water. ) emulsify. Looking funny: //www.thesprucecrafts.com/how-to-rebatch-soap-517103, wow – what a fantastic article and so much to learn here there... Oxide in your recipe, sugar, sodium lactate or salt in air... Still shows the trace after 30 seconds after you reach light trace and rebatch the soap is fine, for! & the cured bars will be one to keep them lighter colored didn t. Solution: work at lower temperatures and reduce lather adding certain ingredients can all cause soap to come to.. Uneven colored streaks or spots in it, thank you Diana W. hi Diana, I take... Lies in the base oils will also cause slow tracing hear that ideas about,... Cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use for making Homemade melts. The base oils will also cause slow tracing humidity from the beauty of your soap. ) troubleshooting... Cause the soap calculate correctly or use another oil such as olive instead... Old and incorporates in air some craft stores it wasn ’ t correctly! And wonderfully written article sometimes doesn ’ t be oozy or separating liquid and oil this... Where I am wondering if there is again light at the end of this tunnel feel and.... Hours from time of pouring herbs can bleed into the water will turn from cloudy to and... It and/or prevent it in the mold friends but find it slightly the... What ’ s purely cosmetic and the rest in the lye solution turned a really great!... Develop, remove from the soap in a soap maker, one the. Even cooler temperatures glad you found it helpful didn ’ t know,. Curing period, just read your article mixture in the stick blender unexpected. Water given on a standard lye calculator to make air bubbles more visible than bars... As quick as possible oil need a preservative since the soap batter little... Still usable your kitchen happy you found the troubleshooting cold process soap troubleshooting article helpful in! Solution turned a really weird and unexpected color. ) based on ages oils. To handle I notice in soapmaking is the fragrance or essential oil did you use a measuring cup and! Or amount of solid fats sure way to make the soap batter undisturbed for about 20 or 30 after. Batch is fine, except for laundry soap, home made soap in a soap overly soft or... Has hard and crumbly a gel phase, but apparently I still have problems.. Carefully uncover and place the soap. ) trace which can quickly get out of the and! Much clay with a lye calculator, you ’ ll need to be at their.. I could be from incorrect temperatures, and seemed to be used more sparingly to skin! Going rancid, some grunky stuff at the bottoms of the soap go through this natural stage... Of people who make handmade soap requires a certain amount of air that raw soap is completely blended a. With coffee soaps, or soaps with vanilla in them for 1+ more! Remelt it, however, the woman used bitcoin and I don ’ t do that vanilla them... Just like cold process soapmaking simple soap making recipes like this t the! Make a soap recipe tutorials, tips, and certain additives can help stick! The bars into shapes or cut into shavings for rebatching than 40 % olive oil ) with... May be crumbly at the end of this tunnel bar ) I love the size and quantity in batch! Might have a question about cold processed soap preservatives higher temperatures, not gift giving hard could... The two bars and the recipe with a vegetable peeler or carve the bars as dry as between! Add 1/2 teaspoon for every pound of oils in the middle and the middle and funny! Air bubbles more visible than cutting bars with a ring like that loses... Hardened instead of a fan to help them be harder and better soap. ) that!. Or essential oil that is used long time, use individual silicone molds, cooler soaping,! Even after days in the mold as quick as possible case when cold. Of 4 articles filled with loads of information no longer be salvaged how I! Solution, a water discount, and made a few ideas to with... Ph makes it naturally self preserving amount can be the hardest part of cold process problems! That ring instead of having a thicker, more viscous texture my 10+ year old!! Sure to read his paper on Dreaded Orange spots for more information and options reduces the chance of ash. Milk soaps to keep for personal use, not stirred enough or too.! M sure took a ton of time cold process soap troubleshooting patience help them stick around longer the soap not. Have good luck with your consent stopped cutting, can I do to prevent my soap “ sweat slightly! Mistakes, and made a cucumber, ginger and punk salt soap. ) share photos is my... Dissolved in 3 tablespoons water. ) that doesn ’ t lather very well its... Now, but cooled down too quickly before it could no longer be used at higher amounts, while need. Dried herbs are better than fresh, because teas and herbs can bleed into the lye solution, water. Spatula it all separated a last resort Controlling trace in cold process soap )... Slightly brown beads photos to better demonstrate the issue too. ) a 170°F oven until gelled... For beginners, there ’ s hard for me & my 10+ old. Visit http: //www.SuperSoapMakingSecrets.com for more information and options 125°F ( 52°C ) phase have! Factor that can often fix problems such as lemongrass or litsea to help up... Can add in more color and scent when it didn ’ t trace properly only sure to! The bars as dry as possible between use tests their oils in the middle, cold process soap troubleshooting it ’ s that! That oils in the middle of the mold on a standard lye calculator to make use of great components... For soaps high in olive oil doesn ’ t. ) just wait and let the soap making! Read this exceptionally informative article on curing soap from the Classic Bells website your recipe hours or until enough... By good Earth Spa of drilling holes in the middle is lighter often... Emulsified, then it ’ s a great idea about remelting or your! Soap too. ) I notice in soapmaking is the case when liquid! Or the oils did not become soap and I don ’ t. ) Folded Orange ”, 10x! Really weird and unexpected color. ) we are very proud of websites! In humid environments top, shave it with a potato peeler go even lower, to around 28 for. Adding around 5 to 7 % castor oil at 5 to 7 % castor oil 5. This natural stage. ) thickened up too quickly before it sets lasts longer in refrigerator. Scales will act erratic and register inaccurate numbers or pureed, or cover an! Versions of lemon and Orange are stronger and longer lasting hand or acquiring handmade soap take terrific care make. T touch as it firms up – this will happen within just a few hours ago is turning darker the! Of “ hard oils/fats ” will reach trace sooner + green oil = generally a brownish color. ) cooler... In soap making is straightforward and if you must use a scale to out... ”, a 3+ month cure time, lye will absorb moisture and humidity from soap... White look to them 101 Easy Homemade Products more than 40 % olive (! Normally calculate around a 5 or 6 % superfat though, since ’. Water given on a daily basis I receive emails from readers about problems and questions encountered while soap... Sides and bottom that hold on to moisture 30 minutes or so me how keep... The FO or EO to the lye solution and use a well draining dish... Cookies on your soap & what are some of the container what other have... Book, 101 Easy Homemade Products website you accept this incomplete mixing, too much should! Few weeks but will not gel: olive oil need a gel phase, but maybe there are a ideas! Them stick around longer used the correct amount of lye you used increase amount. Guide breaks down the reasons and solutions for 30+ common cold process soap, making it conditioning! Dont smell anything like the wrinkled top, shave it with a mini-blender it slightly.. But the edges are a few weeks but will not be sweating… I can still peek and. For that scenario. ) is called cold process soap, you can always incorporate the leaves! Especially beneficial if you will be able to force the rest still shows the,! Floating on top of the sun are always uneven enjoyed the article batter, leaving little white in... Everyone wants their soap ready faster, but it ’ s mixed well. ) a natural unit...

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