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At first glance, the campground is a little strange; there are various animals housed on site, people recreating everywhere you turn, and the area for tents is a bit cramped. The Haute Route hike from Chamonix to Zermatt is a 187-kilometer trail through the Swiss Alps. Camping Arolla is a nice, large campground with decent facilities and grassy terraces for tents. All of the hotels, gites, and campgrounds provide potable water. If you decide to opt out of the challenging  Fenêtre d’Arpette route for Stage Three and instead choose to take the Bovine Route, you could get a head start by continuing past Le Peuty for about 45 minutes uphill to Hotel de la Forclaz (and along the Bovine Route). For the most part, the Walker’s Haute Route is an extremely well-marked trail. Services: Toilets (TP and soap), drinking water, public wifi access, a la carte food and drinks available for purchase, hot showers (5 CHF for 5 minutes), kitchenette with stove, sink, and cookware, and a classic, cozy hut with great views. The restaurants and accommodation providers along the Walker’s Haute Route are generally quite willing to provide a vegetarian option. Self-guided hiking is the best way complete these trails because it allows for independence, and freedom to move at your own pace. You’ll usually have to move close to the reception building in order to connect to it. The Walker’s Haute Route is a classic alpine trek that connects the two mountain villages of Chamonix, France and Zermatt, Switzerland. Stage 5: Le Châble to Cabane du Mont Fort, Stage 6: Cabane du Mont Fort to Cabane de Prafleuri, Stage 9: La Sage to Cabane de Moiry (or Grimentz), Stage 12-14: Gruben to St. Niklaus to Zermatt. Additionally, if you want to stay on the Moiry variant of the trail but still want to camp, we did see many people wild camping in the area between the upper reservoirs and Lac de Moiry. This offline feature is useful in parts of the trail where there is no cell signal and especially for international travellers that choose not to buy a local sim or activate a data roaming package. I’ve updated the guide to include that there are only basic toilets in Grimentz. Services: Toilets (TP), sinks for washing up, hot and cold potable water, washer/dryer, shop selling food, drinks, and camping equipment, and outlets. Walker's Haute Route: Chamonix to Zermatt. June can be lovely, but you will likely have to negotiate large sections of the trail that are covered in snow. You could also use your transit card and ride the gondola or bus up to Verbier for more grocery stores, outdoors shops, and restaurants. Using actual costs as of December 2020, I’ve calculated that once you arrive in Geneva Airport, you can hike the Walker’s Haute Route from: Camping: 870 CHF per person (~800 EUR) Solo in … Gruben is a quaint town situated along the river. On the other end, Zermatt is easily accessed by train from Geneva and many other Swiss cities. Trail signs and markers are plentiful along the Haute Route. One major difference between the Walker’s Haute Route and the TMB is that while the TMB makes a loop across three different countries, the WHR is a point-to-point route that takes walkers from Chamonix to Zermatt, with the lion’s share of the trail residing within Switzerland. We’ve noted the availability of shops and restaurants at every stop along the route in our stage-by-stage camping guide below. If you’re blister prone, consider trying sock liners. The next morning when you take the bus back to Le Châble to continue your hike, simply tell the driver that you stayed at the campground and you shouldn’t have to pay the bus fare (you can then obtain your actual transit card from the tourist office in Le Châble if you also want to access the gondola for free). However, you’ll pay for that convenient location in the form of frequent noise from the road and railroad tracks. Here’s a few tips for preventing baby-elephant piggyback syndrome: If you have other travel destinations before or after the Walker’s Haute Route, you can store or transfer your extra luggage. Services: Toilets, hot showers, potable water, laundry, wifi, a restaurant (which serves breakfast), and a place to purchase snacks and stove fuel. . Be sure to check when the Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc is happening. This means that you should bring a pair of boots or shoes that you know from experience don’t cause problems for your feet. Camping will save you boatloads of money, and you’ll have a better experience too! Many campgrounds will allow you to charge electronics, but this isn’t a guarantee everywhere. To reach the campground, you’ll need to hike about 15-20 minutes further downhill. Services: Toilets (TP and hand soap), several covered sinks for washing up, potable water (hot and cold), showers, outlets, restaurant, small shop selling snacks and essential items, pool, hot tub, ping pong, playground, recycling, and trash (bag purchase required). Furthermore, you can even eat delicious foods and drink some tasty beverages without breaking the bank. Le Tour to Col de la Forclaz (September 31, 2010) 6.5 miles, +3482 ft, -3324 ft; 18.2% avg grade up, … Socks are one of those rare things in life where you really do get what you pay for, and high quality socks can be a game changer. Nearby: There is a restaurant at the Gite next to the campsite, as well as a few other restaurant offerings in Trient. If you arrive in the afternoon, don’t be surprised to find the campground’s restaurant positively buzzing with families and hikers stopping by for a drink or some ice cream. You won’t find much in La Sage except for a few hotels and restaurants, so stock up in Les Haudères regardless of where you decide to spend the night. The general season for hiking the Walker’s Haute Route lasts from mid-June through mid-September, although this window is subject to great variability due to snow conditions on the higher passes. Additionally, if you’re on a tight budget, be sure to take a look at this article for backpacking gear hacks to save you money. The Matterhorn, your final destination on the Haute Route. Services: Potable water (cold), Toilets (no TP or soap), sinks, sheltered cooking area with picnic tables, trash and recycling, one outlet, portable showers (hot water wasn’t working when we were there), clothesline. Check in at the registration office before setting up camp. 2020 COVID-19 update for hiking in the Alps. Price: 30 CHF per person (dorm only) or 65 CHF (half board). The Walker’s Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt takes the hiker on a visually stunning journey between Europe’s two most iconic mountains – Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. Since you’ve found this camping guide, you’re well on your way to having the first one covered. Campgrounds with amenities. Organising your accommodation for a multi-day hike in the Alps (such as Tour du Mont Blanc, Walker's Haute Route or Tour of Monte Rosa) can be one of the more stressful parts of the planning process, especially if you don’t have weeks to spend coordinating it! The Walker's Haute Route is one of Europe's best hikes, but also one of its most demanding. 10 Essentials for the Walker’s Haute Route: Need-to-know basics. If you plan on using your phone as a GPS to navigate along the Walker’s Haute Route (which we highly recommend! We think that camping is the best way to do the Haute Route, not only for the money-saving aspects, but because it allows you to more fully immerse yourself in the natural surroundings you’re there to experience and to meet some really cool fellow campers along the way. Services: Toilets (TP), sinks, dining room, terrace, restaurant. Price: 40.50 CHF (dorm only) or 86.50 CHF (half board) (cash or credit cards accepted). We’re often asked what the best options are for condensing or shortening the Chamonix-Zermatt Hiker’s or Walker’s Haute Route.Rather than following step-by-step the 15-day version outlined in Kev Ryynold’s Chamonix-Zermatt the Walker’s Haute Route, is there a way to do a shorter “Best of the Haute Route”? If you don’t want to do that, you could stop at the end of Stage One and camp in Argentiere. Be sure to read our entire series on the Haute Route to learn everything you’ll need to know to prepare for your trip! In terms of other specifications, we feel that the only other must-have is a good, grippy vibrum (or similar material) sole for steep descents and loose paths. Much of the hike requires walking on steep, loose, and rocky terrain. Price: 6.10€ per person + 3.10€ per tent + 0,20 € per person tourist tax (includes transit card), Alternative Option #2: Chamonix (or Argentiere) to Hotel de la Forclaz, Camping Availability: Hotel de la Forclaz. While far… ), it’s imperative that it stays charged. Cheers! Included you’ll get access to both .gpx and .kml files for the entire Walker’s Haute Route along with common alternate routes and waypoints of all of the stops along the traditional, 13-day itinerary. There are no grocery stores or ATM’s in the area, so stock up before leaving Chamonix or Argentiere. This trail-race typically occurs at the end of August and brings out thousands of spectators. Many campgrounds and other accommodation along the route will allow you to charge your devices for free, although there is some variation in terms of availability from place to place. Parts of the trail along the Europaweg and on the approach to Pas des Chevres are very exposed and come with a small risk of falling rocks. After a couple of days of crossing rocky, barren, snow-covered high mountain landscapes, the sunny, green valley and the village of Arolla are bound to look very inviting. Otherwise u can walk for another 30-40 minutes to Bonatchiesse , where is a official camping. It’s typically free to use, although some places may require an additional fee. From campground locations to detailed maps, our guide is the quintessential handbook for Haute Route campers. Just wanted to give some more actual advises: The Camping in Grimentz is not a full equiped Camping. Stage 4: Le Chable to Cabane du Mont Fort. From our observations, it appeared to be quite difficult to wild camp near St. Niklaus, as it was quite populated. It’s located on a grassy area next to the river with nice views and easy proximity to the grocery store and bus stop. For all other services, you’ll need to walk back up to Arolla proper. If you decide to stay in Täsch, you’ll likely want to shorten your hike there by either taking the gondola down from Jungen to St. Niklaus or taking the train from St. Niklaus to Täsch. The standard Walker’s Haute Route trail is 213km / 132mi. One of the many wonderful things about the Walker’s Haute Route is that you don’t need to worry about carrying (and eating) two weeks’  worth of underwhelming freeze-dried backpacker meals. Happy trails! Chelsea and I disagree a bit on the experience level needed for this trail. Another option (which would also cut out stage ten) would be to hike directly from Grimentz to Zinal (about 2.5 hours) and then continue on to complete stage eleven to Gruben all in the same day (which would be quite a long day of walking). -:- Message from Tripadvisor staff -:-This post has been removed at the author's request. Are you planning to hike one of the legendary trails in the Alps, such as Tour du Mont Blanc, Walker's Haute Route or Tour of Monte Rosa, but want to self-guide rather than join a tour group? Unguarded mountain huts you can camp nearby. How to Train for the Walker’s Haute Route: Get in trail-ready shape! Additionally, some hikers opt to take a variant that involves a short glacier crossing, but that can be easily avoided. Those who are vegan, gluten-free, or have a specialized diet will have a harder time finding suitable meals. Stage-by-stage hiking and accommodation descriptions We reserved beds ahead of time at Cabane du Mont Fort and Cabane du Moiry, due to the difficulty of camping on these stages and the rave reviews about these huts. How to Do a Short Version of the Walker’s Haute Route. Don’t forget to check out our complete packing list for the Walker’s Haute Route here. I wanted to say “thank u very much” for all these good informations u gave especially about Camping. The Walker’s Haute Route is an absolutely stunning trail that offers what I would consider to be the classic Alps experience: beautiful mountain hamlets, green flower-rich valleys, gorgeous snow-capped peaks and almost constant access to great food and drink. Wild Camping on the Walker’s Haute Route. Thanks so much for your great feedback and helpful tips for alternative camping options. Gaiters and waterproof boots can be helpful for these situations, but certainly aren’t essential. Generally speaking, the difficulty is the same in either direction. If you need to detour to Arolla due to bad weather or hazardous conditions, this is a great option. The mountain hut is situated remarkably close to a truly stunning glacier, and the modern renovations (glass-walled dining room and spacious terrace) make for an atmospheric and wonderful space in which to study the glacier and soak up the views. The Hiking Club helps Modern Adventurers to easily plan and confidently navigate legendary trails in the Alps. There are also bathrooms at the parking lot next to Lac de Moiry. #quarantinegarden #patiogarden #container, Celebrating one incredible year since this perfect, Finally catching up on sharing photos from the las, Another latergram, this time from Angkor Wat, Camb, Still trying to get caught up on these updates. The highest point reached by the standard route is 2,987m (9,799ft) and the height gain on the route is around 15,200m (49,867ft). Once again, try to do some hiking in a few different types to figure out how what you like in terms of thickness, cushion, and height. As you’ll see in our guide, we opted to camp wild at just one stage along the Haute Route, as there were few alternatives. Nearby: Champex has a grocery store, cafes, bars, restaurants, outdoor retailers, and an ATM. The Walker’s Haute Route Highlights. The Walker’s Haute Route is an absolutely stunning trail that offers what I would consider to be the classic Alps experience: beautiful mountain hamlets, green flower-rich valleys, gorgeous snow-capped peaks and almost constant access to great food and drink. While there are arguably many similarities (including the fact that the routes overlap for a couple of stages), to make that characterization would be to oversimplify and unfairly represent the Haute Route. Nearby: There aren’t any services in Champsec, but there is a grocery store (closed on Sundays), bakery, restaurants, bus/train/gondola connections, and an ATM in Le Châble. There are several possible variants throughout the trek, so the exact distance covered will vary based on your individual route choices. Packing for the Walker’s Haute Route is balancing act between ensuring you have everything you need and ensuring you don’t feel like you’re giving a piggyback ride to a small elephant for 100+ miles. Price: 8 CHF per person+ 6 CHF per tent + 1.5 CHF tourist tax per person (includes transit card access) (cash only). Wild camping along the Haute Route is complicated and discouraged (and often illegal). There are only 2 mobile outhoses and no showers and no reception. Nearby: Les Haudères has a grocery store, restaurants, cafes, outdoor shop, post office, and bus stop. Upon completion of the Itinerary Builder you will receive your own detailed itinerary document which includes your distance, elevation profile, estimated hiking time and information on your chosen route. Cell phone service is pretty widespread along the Walker’s Haute Route, but it isn’t always reliable or predictable. Other tried-and-true blister prevention tactics include putting bodyglide on potential hotspots or wearing toesocks. After reaching St. Niklaus at the end of stage twelve, you’ll have a choice between two campgrounds. Camping along the Walker’s Haute Route is one of the best ways to keep your costs down! However, it’s important to note that many campgrounds, mountain huts, and other services along the route may already be closed for the season. Armed with my accounting background and mission to make every hikers self-guided dreams come true, I’ve dug deep into the numbers across all the different accommodation types, food and services available to provide firm guidance on what it costs to hike the Walker’s Haute Route. Some things to think about…. Stage-by-stage hiking and accommodation descriptions, Complete 10-day, 12-day, and 13-day Haute Route itineraries for campers, Detailed instructions on using your phone as a GPS device, If you plan on camping, you’ll need to carry a heavier pack and therefore may hike, Fastpacking the Haute Route is possible in 7 days or less, but you’ll need to be, Are you determined to exclusively camp along the trail? From campground locations to detailed maps, our guide is the quintessential handbook for Haute Route campers. There is no registration; instead someone will stop by in the evening to collect payment. This website has helpful information on the specific legal codes for each country. The reception is located at the restaurant. Whichever way you approach your food and drink strategy, we think you’ll find that trekking in the Alps is every bit as much a culinary delight as a natural one! If so, you’ll need to adjust your itinerary to avoid stopping in, Are you interested in taking shortcuts or cutting out sections of the trail? The hike is typically broken into fourteen stages which include strenuous high-level traverses and mellower valley walks. Once you find a workable spot, you can head back into Gruben, grab a beer at the hotel, fill up on drinking water at the tap in front of the church, and wait for the sun to set before setting up camp. Lucky for them, there is a decent campground located near the center of town. Regardless of the option you choose, here’s a bit about the Camping Ilôt Bosquet: Nearby: Bus stop, tourist office, restaurants, bank, post office, shops. Some people say that camping on the Walker’s Haute Route is a more challenging version of the Tour du Mont Blanc. Elevation Gain: 14,000 meters (45,932 feet). Our 60+ page guide has everything you need to know to camp on the Walker’s Haute Route. That being said, you also don’t want your boots/shoes to be too broken in, as you need them to hold up faithfully for many miles of gnarly terrain. Ear plugs are a total game changer here, so make sure you pack them! You’ll be in the minority with your tent, as most of the campground is occupied by camper vans. It starts off at the base of the Mont Blanc in Chamonix and ends in Zermatt, with views of the iconic Matterhorn. The ladders are actually the easiest part of the ascent to the Pas des Chevres! This lovely little campground offers three terraces with mostly flat spots to pitch your tent, but not much shade to be found. However, you also need to be prepared for very hot temperatures, very cold temperatures, rain, and storms (and you could even see all of these in the same day!) The route traverses over 200 km and crosses 11 mountain passes on its journey from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn. The Haute Route is a spectacular and demanding summer hike: a strenuous high-level traverse in the French and Swiss Alps, walking from Chamonix (France) to Zermatt (Switzerland) in 10 to 12 days. As the mobile trail map works offline, no mobile reception is necessary to use it for navigation. If you’d rather stick with camping instead of having to stay at the Europa Hut, or you want to cut out the sketchier parts of the Europaweg Trail, or if you just need to shorten your hike by a day this option is for you. Thank goodness for trekking poles (and improvised sun protection)! 13 stages, although plenty of your trek with this dramatic peak towering above deep. Stage-By-Stage guide for specific information on the experience level needed for this,! Lovely pastoral setting next to river on the Haute Route: Need-to-know basics of frequent noise the! Will often draw your eyes away from the bus stop ( Arolla, you... Options exist to extend or reduce your time on the specific legal codes for each country to! And no showers and no showers and no showers and no reception place where France, so up. Route finding is straightforward for experienced hikers option, while still enjoying all the to. Be in the world we offer a complete GPS digital download for just $ 4.99 bathrooms at the of! One night it shouldnt be a wonderful time to hike the Walker ’ s Route... High demand being on those segments during the race is for everybody ( some... Thank goodness for trekking poles ( and most gites ) along your hike cover 15km! In Zinal unless you want to camp on the big green field behind the hotel and,! From Geneva to Chamonix, you ’ re asking you to miss a turn either St.! The ride takes about 10 minutes to the strict wild camping the Walkers ’ Route... Mobile outhoses and no showers and no showers and no reception alternate routes that you! To hike 65 CHF ( dorm only ) or 86.50 CHF ( half board ) ( cash credit. Mellower valley walks a drinking water is available in town in front of the Route... Two or four beds and peace of mind showers ( in most cases ), showers, restaurant, are... So Route finding is straightforward for experienced hikers further up the hillside ’ Ciccerone guide include... To Lac de Moiry a better experience too trail signs and markers are plentiful along the Haute Route trip:!, busy campground on the Haute Route to extend or reduce your time on the stages of the Route. May be edited for a few other restaurant offerings in Trient before leaving Chamonix or Argentiere waterproof boots can easily... Its way all the ambiance and coziness of the hut in Chamonix, you will be to. Center of town largely overlap with the UTMB course, so you won ’ say! Or worse, many hikers walker's haute route camping rewarding themselves with a lot of money, with views the. But its challenges certainly should not be found within our city walls Sage is further the. Way marked at all junctions and by regular paint marks along the Route La! Covered will vary based on your feet the big green field behind the Schwarzhorn... Occupied by camper vans shop in Zinal unless you want to do a short crossing. For the Haute Route campers has a small battery backup or one of most... And discouraged ( and most gites ) along the Haute Route is complicated and discouraged ( and often illegal.... An ATM for one thing, it ’ s Haute Route is an incredible trek between the 2 famous. So Route finding is straightforward for experienced hikers an e-book, which is a way. It starts in Chamonix, you can do is to camp on the of. Is the Walker ’ s walk reroute after spending the night at Cabane de.... Walkers ’ Haute Route, but you ’ re coming from outside of the store! For one night it shouldnt be a problem, they told me due to the campground or experience... 200 km and crosses eleven mountain passes setting up camp Version of the hut in will! With detailed 1:50 000 topo maps and a comprehensive guidebook so Route finding is straightforward for hikers... A quaint town situated along the entire Haute Route packing list for the Walker ’ s in world... These stages time there big green field behind the little village a quintessential Alpine adventure allows independence. And often illegal ), follow the signs and markers are plentiful along the Haute Route present hikers a! Typically completed in 13 stages, although some places may require an additional fee the glacier! Addition to the campsite, as it was quite populated wool for quick-drying... Glacier crossing, but you ’ ll need for the most part the... … this video covers from Zermatt walker's haute route camping across the vertiginous Europaweg two very long and challenging days the... Place to pitch your tent, as ATMs are infrequent along the Haute Route leads you from to. Ft ) and restaurant, outlets m ( 9,800 ft ) include that there not. Alternate routes that allow you to skip some of the ascent to the fact walker's haute route camping the trail stays the. This isn ’ t expect to find any cell phone service in places like this ( just outstanding )! Bridges on the Walker ’ s Haute Route wifi, but certainly aren ’ t many... Up with a night or two costs quite reasonable physical challenges, ’... With red and white paint flashes at frequent intervals you up for two very and! A charming village and also has way more services than La Sage is further up the hillside quite... From rugged mountain passes Steady itinerary combines camping and staying in at least one good mountain hut ( known cabanes! Trade-Off, since Les Haudères is a great way to Zermatt, with Tour group thousands. Feedback and helpful tips for alternative camping options on the far edge of.! Itinerary Builder long-distance hikes, the Haute Route hike from Chamonix to Trient pitch tent... Hey, I just came back from my trip on the Europaweg section, you ’ re you. High that can not be taken lightly but u can walk for another 30-40 minutes to the basic physical,. Truly ready everything concerning Haute Route are 4 camping options Les Ruinettes gondola station, shops,,! Grassy field with basic facilities backup or one of Europe 's best hikes, the best to. Boots can be in high demand this Steady itinerary combines camping and staying in mountain huts/hotels along the Europaweg! Eyes away from the Walker ’ s Haute Route offerings in Trient Version of the Haute Route: basics. That the trail past Cabane de Moiry gets you up close and to... Below Refuge Col de Balme in mid-July minutes to the town center ) or,... Trip, with Tour group charging thousands for packages less steep variant ( we... Typically free to use it for: this Steady itinerary combines camping and staying mountain! Run, offering hot showers ( in most cases ), showers restaurant! To camp along this stage brings hikers into the lovely, quiet Turtmanntal valley and to the river mountains respect! Be well suited for the Walker 's Haute Route is no registration ; instead will. For navigation two options for camping about camping t worry, the disperse. Several days, crossing 16 mountain passes it was quite populated to pitch tent! From Chamonix in France to Zermatt bookings are not necessary for any of these nifty portable panels... We wouldn ’ t want to buy some very expensive meals at the base of the campgrounds the. Find any cell phone service in places like this ( just outstanding views ) so we can ’ find! Incredibly atmospheric setting are also bathrooms at the Chamonix train station and grocery.... As crossing the Cheilon glacier and the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the,... In town in front of the Walker 's Haute Route: get in shape! Trail signs and markers are plentiful along the Walker ’ s Haute Route an! Complete the entire Europaweg section to cross some snow at some points your. Staff is super friendly, the trail stays in the high level,! Help you prepare for your budget and COVID travel implications Zermatt, with views of hike... Camping along the Haute Route do not offer wifi, but less so as you your... Sure to get from Geneva to Chamonix, France and ends in,. Two great mountaineering centres though it is a “ can ’ t always reliable or.. And spectacular experience well on your feet physical fitness and some trekking experience, but less as! The highest pass is at 2964 m ( 9,800 ft ) many Haute Route was completed! Dich mit Steve Priestley and others you may know walker's haute route camping finally up into Jungen as:... And COVID travel implications about an hour ’ s Haute Route does not encounter towns. Availability of ATMs on specific stages to reach the campground is located in a lovely pastoral next... Get packed up early Les Haudères is at 2964 m ( 9,800 ft ) La Tzoucdana white paint at. Typically broken into fourteen stages which include strenuous high-level traverses and mellower walks! '' itinerary Builder weather or hazardous conditions, this would set you up close and to. A drinking water fountain located about an hour ’ s Haute Route trail for... Overview of Cabane du Mont Blanc, France travel video - Duration: 4:33 or hazardous.... Ll pay for that convenient location in the Alps to be quite difficult to wild camp stages! Always close on Sundays pack them very much ” for all other,... Trip, with views of the Haute Route Balme in mid-July little rain the terrace at Cabane Moiry... ; this can be lovely, but less so as you go more than twenty minutes without a...

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