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varathane stain and poly not drying

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Later? I need your help!! FOR BEST RESULTS. p.s. We are striping and staining our banister. "Polyurethane finishes should dry hard in a matter of hours and not bleed oil as yours is doing. doing an entire ceiling of exposed wood look using ‘car siding.’ so far 5 of the 50 boards only have this issue. Pressure marks from heavy items: The only way to remove these is to re-sand the floor. I know the “NOT TERRIBLY tacky” is going to be different for each and can create a quandary but I think with most seasoned DIYers, they can use their best judgement. I have a spot where there is white ghosting (for lack of a better word) over some spots. I applied a light coat of Minwax clear satin PU. I used wood conditioner on them and stained them. I didn’t sand it first. Another words the air inside needs to be exchanged with the air inside. While testing some stain colors, i applied Varathane’s American Walnut to a red oak board. I mean, absolutely dull. Remove the remaining stain by wiping the wood down with mineral spirits or naphtha (be sure you have plenty of ventilation and don’t work around open flames), followed by wiping with a clean cloth. There are some paint flecks on the shelf below the mirror and I’d love to remove the sloppy urethane that was put on it. I’m starting to see why everyone is painting this beautiful wood instead of refinishing it. we were unable to find red oak lumber for this so we used regular plywood and finished it with 1/4 inch red oak plywood. So I sanded it down with a 220 before my second coat of poly and all the stain came right off where the blemish was it’s not large maybe the size of a dime. Can I add mineral spirits to the can to thin it out? I used a tack cloth in between each coat, also. Redid my son’s rocking chair from when he was a little guy for his up coming baby. thanks. I want to remove it NOW without the benefit of letting it dry overnight. product application is eliminated. Once dry, sand the piece and try finishing it again (use a new can of finish and new brush in case silicone residue has gotten on the old brush or in the old can of finish). Sounds like a classic case of “fisheye,” which is a reaction to the silicone found in furniture polishes like Pledge. The desk is in the garage and I understand it may take longer to dry since its cold but is it normal to still be tacky? We built a desk using new wood. What did I do wrong. After the stained dried, we placed a clear hard coating. Good luck with your project! the stain looks more like walnut than mahogany. how can I get rid of that? I am going on vacation for three weeks. I read every question and have had the same problems many of these people have had guess what, no answers. Thank you again, there was nothing that show before staining . 6 Months Pregnant . I have kept the overhead covered since the deck flooring was constructed. The first time I did it I put it on too thick so i had to strip it and resand. If the gloss is still uneven, try sanding it lightly with 220 grit sandpaper and applying another coat of finish. when we rolled our refrigerator back over the floor using heavy cardboard on the floor so we didn’t scratch the surface. If you're not really happy with what you see after the first coat dries things usually go downhill from there. the floor is uneven ect, ect. But how do I fix it? . What can I do to remedy the problem? And I’ll refer to your website for more advice as well. Thomas asks, "I put polyurethane on cabinets after I stained them. i applied a coat of satin over the gloss but it (of course) is still too shiny. This is caused by finish in between the boards not drying completely; then the wood expands and pushes out the wet finish between the boards. I have re-sanded & wiped with spirit & hope once stained & varnished again it will be ok. Any other suggestions? How do a remove the finish? I started a project that I think I did totally incorrect. What am I doing wrong? Varathane Gel Stains. No need to sand it and repaint all over again. Each coat of poly should dry in six-hours and you should buff sand with 220-grit then remove sanding dust with a dry terry before adding the next coat of poly. I chose this wood species because the floor in my family room is brazilian cherry that we installed 2 years ago. For long-lasting protection and durability, top with a Varathane® Polyurethane. I sanded, stained & varnished an old bathroom cupboard recently but noticed one drawer was still sticky days after the other parts were dry. we sanded our kitchen cabinets and put our stain on everything looks greaat but I think they are a little to shinny. Humidity, temperature changes, species of wood and coarseness of the grain… even the manner in which it was kiln-dried can have a devastating effect on your attempts to get the finish just right. In the future, I’ll make sure to apply the stain in a very thin layer–. My dad stained the oak plywood with red oak minwax stain and then put on clear coat on the entire mantle. I’m a bit concerned that using mineral spirits will lead potentially to an even bigger mess or that the color won’t be close to the other pieces in the set. I’ve been working on a matching backdrop/floor combo for my studio. I am refinishing an oak exterior front door and applied the Ipswich stain which matched the color beautifully. If they aren’t coated in that time – the oil from the wood will penetrate back to the top of the freshly sanded wood and cause waterbase finishes to peel; while oil base finishes on them will take much longer to dry. Thanks. We open in a week. My kitchen table stains easily so my goal was to touch those areas up, but I gathered in order to do that I would have to touch up the whole table. Did it not dry enough? I applied the stain generously ( which I know was a mistake) because I was in a hurry to get it finished. wet tack and dry completely and again mixed the poly slowly and tried using a brush and also tried using the paint pad on the stick both left little lumps all over. I completed an outside mural in acrylic then wanted to protect it.i used cats polyurethane.it was fine till it rained.the water got under the coating creating saging.i sanded and repaired then recoated with two coats using a roller.the wall is textured concrete.now after a month got more rain it is back, I was trying to fill a same hole on my kitchen cabinet with wood putty. Please feel free to share this tip on social media and we’ll continue to produce more like it. In the morning there were a few tiny sections that weren’t quite dry so I left for a few more hours. Should I go ahead and apply the polyurethane finish and hope for the best? I sanded down the wood with course, 150 and 220 sandpaper. Sometimes chemicals get so deep in the wood it's really difficult to get off. Anything will help! And then I tried a brush but then it just stayed tacky! Stained or Painted Wood – Follow manufacturer’s directions DRY AND RECOAT TIMESfor application of the stain or paint. white surface areas, otherwise, no problems..please advise. The finish started to bubble up and looked like a crackle coat. Now a week later, I find oil on the surface of the cabinets, and when I try to clean it, it leaves dull spots. Wrong color. (I applied the stain with a rag– which I prefer to a brush.) Watch the video to learn more about spot ventilation solutions, such as bath vent fans and kitchen range hoods; and whole-house ventilation systems, such as energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) and heat recovery ventilators (HRVs). Thanks for describing the situation with your wood floors. I have installed the click-together engineered flooring in my house. It appears worse with each coat. I will probably find the can in my garage though. Thanks so much! I came home and started scrubbing with the Clorox wipes — it worked!!! Worked great. That is why I choose to go the real wood route. They are much lighter and I wondered if there was a technique to speed up the darkening of the polyurethane. I plan to wait overnight (about 12 hours) and then I’ll apply one last coat– sparingly & “care-ingly”! Even in areas where no liquids could be getting on the floor. What did I do wrong & how can I correct it? Used mineral spirits to remove smudges, buy they are right back with the slightest touch. Tonight, after about 24 hours, the dresser is still tacky and is not as dark as we’d like. We applied about 6 coats of polyurethane and started to sand the top coat, and a white film appeared where we had sanded and will not wipe off. Varathane One Step Stain & Polyurethane adds rich color and a smooth protective finish. Hi Julie, I have a large can of polyurethane stain. It took 4 coats to get the dark colour I was looking for, I used ‘KONA’. Water-based poly can have adhesion problems when applied over an oil-based stain that's not thoroughly cured. I can’t guarantee you’ll get the same results because I don’t know how thick your tackiness is compared with mine. My problem is that when I apply the next brush stroke of stain adjacent to the one I just wiped off, I am left with about one eighth of an inch streak of brighter stain between the two areas. I have been finishing my wood floors and on the last coat of PU it has streaked with cloudy spots. Do we have to sand it off or strip it? Please tell me exactly what to use, I dont need more than a small can of each. I APPLIED A COAT OF POLYURETHANE AND 15 HRS LATER IT’S STILL TACKY, Danny, I had a hardwood floor refinished. Thank you Please help it looks really bad! Is there something I should do to condition the wood before staining? My project was paper and mod podge over glass. I don’t know if they were lacquer or poly. I have also had a portable heater running in the garage for the last 8 hours and it is not drying. The wood was unfinished. Aim for a smooth, uniform finish. For more shine, you can apply a coat of paste wax once the oil has dried. Since these appeared to be my only two options I got an old hand towel, (100% cotton). The finish is glossy rather than satin. The goal is to roughen the surface of the varnish, not remove the varnish from the wooden surface. Glad our solution worked for you! Whether you're a furniture maker, a professional contractor or a DIYer, Varathane makes wood repair and finishing as easy as 1-2-3. Don’t these people use their own products? bRANDT MAPLE DINING TABLE, BOUGHT IN 1963 HAD HEAVY POLYURATHANE FINISHED TOP. Your Selections: Brand: Varathane Brand: BEHR Paint/Stain Features: Fast Drying Clear All. I am desperate. I apply the stain with a bristle brush and wipe clean with cheesecloth soon after. While shopping for water-based spar urethane, these two are the first products that come to mind. Varathane gives the dry times of their stains a controlled environment of between 70and 80 degrees and humidity of 50%. Bruce suggested I try Basic Coatings IFT and Squeeky. To test, apply in an inconspicuous area. Try buying another can from a different store, and apply another coat on top of what’s there. When it was all dry to the touch and smooth I started to apply varathane professional oil based clear coat. Here’s what may have happened: https://todayshomeowner.com/solving-polyurethane-finishing-problems/ In either case if the tackiness doesn’t go away, wipe the wood down with mineral spirits or naphtha to remove most of the stain, let it dry thoroughly, then try again using a fresh can of stain. Hi, I ordered in long planks of cedar and cut them to size. A few days ago we stained the mantle and it remained sticky. STAIN TECHNICAL DATA VAR-01 VARATHANE ... enough time for it to dry thoroughly. Hey there, I have stained my hardwood floors with Low VOC Penofin Verde (penetrating oil stain). What can I do to fix this? Scrub the surface several times with each solvent and wipe it clean, using fresh rags each time you do. its too shiny! The wax got milky and needed to be removed. Varathane sells several different types of stain, all with various recommended drying times, but their fastest-drying product is the Varathane Fast Dry Wood Stain, which claims to color in one coat and enables users to finish a project three times faster. While it left a gloss finish, within minutes the color of the stain had whitened in random sections as though it was being stripped. Pain right in the a$$, but take a green pad (like you would scrub dishes with) and scrub that whole floor! Using a can of finish that has been subjected to extreme temperatures. I used a low luster acrylic polyurethane to protect a hutch I just recently painted. 2. so now im supposed to repair the damaged sheets, and finish them to match. Thanks! I put a coat of polyurethane (semi-gloss) the first half and it turned out just fine. All done! The brush package said “Good for Polyurathane…” I’m not sure about that now. I decided to refinish bottom cabinets. I read your advice here and today restained (this logic seemed to go against the grain (pun seems to work here) being that too much stain was the cause of this problem) but trusting in experience I went ahead brushed on a liberal amount and wiped off immediately with my cats. What happened to make it blister up like that? Do you have any suggestions to keep it down or fix the curling up problem? When I brushed on the clear coat it removed stain in some areas. I googled and found all kinds of complicated fixes. Cassi, You’re a life saver, thanks!! All rights reserved. Apply two to three more coats of varnish, following the same process between each coat. I do not want to strip all the way down & start over! Danny, The sheets got stacked and basically glued together by the undried products. Oh ya, in case you are wondering my hands are clean. I am applying a new coat of semi-gloss oil based polyurethane to my front doors that have an existing coat on them already that was applied when the house was built. I should have use satin. What could be the reasons for these? There are white streaks and spots on them. I have sanded them, vacumed and tacked the surfaces and applied 1 coat of sanding sealer and used 320 grit paper. After a coat has dried, use 220 or 240 grit sandpaper or extra fine steel wool to lightly sand surface.Sanding produces a white film over the finish, but will disappear as you apply the next coat.Do not sand the final coat. Now, I need to get a protective finish on it. I did and it created a bubble in a hole and it got into the stain. You could spray several light coats of finish over the stain, but the adhesion between the finish, stain, and wood will not be very high. I’m not sure what we did wrong, but now we have to just fix this issue asap! I have no idea why that happened or what to do with the rest of the banister. Where there are no white spots the finish is great. It was still shiny and sticky today. Any suggestions? Due to the fast drying time of water based stains, I apply the stain with a bristle brush and about 15 seconds later wipe off with cheesecloth. I then applied a coat of polyurethane. I don’t want to make it worse. I can’t believe some of these answers given to solve these problems. I applied it with a brush. In some places it has absorbed into the wood and other placed it is shiny, but dry and not tacky to the touch. It has a great color and seems dry to touch, but smells. Lightly sand the work surface to dull the existing finish and promote better adhesion of the following coat. hey, put minwax stain onto pine boards, followed by minwax satin poly, which promptly turned into moldy, almost white look in splotches. We have stripped and stained our kitchen cabinets. Is this a chemical reaction to the polyurethane. Avoid these conditions. It saved me. I used some baby wipes to clean and to my surprise i found the stain was coming off onto the wipes, would this tell me that it has only been stained more recently on an item which has been made to look old or would this stain come off if it had been stained lets say 80-90+ years which is how old i thought this item was, many thanks in advance. I let it dry a couple more hours and the stickiness was gone. wipe with a damp almost dry paper towel.. this will simulate what the finish will do after it is recoated. If you like the look of heavy stain and your current stain is not drying remove by restaining or using mineral spirits and then get Rustoleum Ultimate Wood Stain in the color of choice and use instead of whatever you’re using that isn’t drying. Should I try a high gloss on top to see if that helps? It is not uncommon to get an oil based stain that has the color adjusted with dye. Tried the re- stain and wipe off. Did I make a mistake? Sad thing is, its the perfect color and a darker stain isn’t available – if it weren’t for being stick/ tacky/ shiny (and even streaky) I’d just put the finish on it. I was staing my floor, but helper mixed the stain and sealer toghther and now some of area is a milky white and stciky. I used Bruce floor cleaner to clean the floor and top coated it with Bruce Urethane Top Coat. It looked really good but someone in the know said come fall I will see problems with it. Is the gel stain applied to raw wood or a old finish? When a oil base polyurethane had not dried in the allotted time it needs exchange of air. I did have to mix it quite a bit, there was a lot of pigment at the bottom. Thanks so much! If this product does not perform as stated on Note – it has been raining and 60 degrees. I am so upset! My question is do I have to strip the table or is there something else that I can do to make the stickiness go away. Why the difference, or how do I prevent this? Do I stain the wood, if so with what. I sprayed and let dry..only to find that the end table is turning yellow! Why? I realize I made the mistake of not wiping down after applying the stuff. The only thing done differently is we used a 5″ orbital sander. So, light traffic and no heavy items should be placed on the flooring. I apply stain and shortly after I applied poly fast drying but it had been in garfge for awhile.I don’t think stain was dry now 18 hrs later cabinets are still sticky look nice but sticky what can i do. The new stuff is also water based. Please choose a rating. I sanded back between coats using a 180 grit on a canterbury sander (like a polisher) which seemed to do a wonderful job until the final coat dried and the sanding effect can be seen under the surface creating a slightly opaque look with subtle glossier speckles. Followed directions to the letter: removed previous finish, applied one thin coat under optimum weather conditions (not humid, not rainy), allowed to dry WAY beyond the recommended 24 hours, lightly sanded, applied 2nd coat, waited TWO weeks before using the table – and every freaking thing I put on it sticks to it; lamp, books,everything. I have 3 small children so I can’t use really harsh chemicals to strip it. Thank you for your help!! This “sticky” surface was the second coat, and I realized that I had put on the second coat too generously– rather than leaving a smooth surface. (Ok so I didnt use the cats but it sure sounded funny when I read it back) . I recently re-did a tabletop where I used 3 coats of oil-based varathane stain and I didn't do any wiping. This can also happen if the wood wasn’t stripped and sanded completely down to bare wood, since the stain will sit on the surface rather than soaking into the wood. 1. Glad to hear it all worked out, Lee. Allow the wood to dry completely, sand the piece down to bare wood, and apply a coat or two of stain, wiping off any excess. I took the advice above of applying another coat and wiping down and it worked! Allow 8 hours before applying oil-based poly and 24 hours before water-based poly; Cleans up with mineral spirits . I applied as thin of a coat as I could, though corners retained more stain. Hi, we just moved into a house where they stained the hardwood floors with minwax. The worst scenario is destroying poly’s bonding ability. I used Min wax high build polyurethane (semi-gloss). Applying over an oily surface, or over certain exotic woods—like rosewood, teak, ebony, and cocobolo—that contain natural oils. application and drying time. Ten hours later, the floors were tacky, sticky, and showed no real signs of getting any better. please help me. Hi Crystal, Should I wait longer for it to dry, or should I wipe down with laquer thinner, or carry on and apply a thin coat of the varnish? The rest of the pieces all turned out beautifully, if only i’d have wiped the excess off this piece too! I then stained the rougher side with minwax penetrating stain (jacobean), it is oil based. Since I still need to live in the house, I’ve had to stain every other tread so I can still go up and down. Other options are to fight fire with fire by adding fisheye eliminator to your finish (available at auto supply stores). I’m staining my floors and staircase with your stain. when my boss rang this guy he refused to come back and fix it. Most of it had dried fine but a good portion on the outter rim is starting to curl up. All other sites said to sand and use a thinner. Hello! At this point, we want to just get the original tabletop showing. My husband advised me to finish with clear coat of polyurethane in the form of a spray. my questions is How to make the PU top coat drying as fast as NC systems ? For furniture mfg. It is immaculate but hard to keep clean looking. Compared to other stainers, it takes a fraction of the time to dry and looks good after a single application. I TRIED THIS ON A SAMPLE DOOR BEFORE PROCEEDING. Why is this and how can we fix it to get rid of the oily feel? please help me im going nuts with this project its been over 3 weeks. Using this polyurethane over white or lightly painted surfaces could cause discoloration. Are there any tricks when staining adjacent areas so they don’t overlap and cause problems when wiped down with the cheesecloth? That was after about 4 days. I stripped my cabinets and applied three coats of stain, but the cabinet doors still feel sticky after two days of drying. I’ve stained a table top with Miniwax wood finish penetrating stain,then applied three coats of Miniwax fast drying polyurethane clear semi gloss,after each coat it appears that some of the surface isn’t covered,it doesn’t have the same gloss to it. I’m getting a peeling of the last coat in some areas. I have sanded my paneling and brushed on Minwax satin finish fast drying polyurethane. Your best bet is to go over it again will another coat of stain, then wipe it off lightly with a dry cloth while the stain is still wet. I sanded both to bare wood and stained them the same stain can (minwax english chestnut). Hey Danny, I’m installing two new solid core doors in my daughters business. The coat below is not dry including stains. Hi BL, The Clorox wipes only took so much effort and a 20′ square took 2-1/2 hours. Hi, Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. I applied 2 coats of light golden stain. Have a great day. Has a shinny finish, but want to use polyacrylic satin to dull the finish. If applied too thickly, they won’t dry properly and will remain tacky to the touch. We think we may have wiped off the stain component in the Polyshades with our paper towels. I have read all the comments and problems, that people are having with stain oil based. Is this normal with satin polyurethanes? However every brand that I look at that is waterbased has modified Oil. This will pull the inside air out and replace it with the air outside. Sorry I will try what you say first and then I will let you know what happens. We are doing a quick fix on a house and did not sand the floors before we stained, so of course the floor is still very tacky. Have an awesome week. Clean up the surface with a dry brush and then the cloth moistened with mineral spirits. Already looks better. Miniwax polyshades is little more than tinted polyurethane, so your drying problem has to do with the varnish type finish not drying rather than the stain. That will take up to 30 days to do so underneath the seal coat and poly coatings. Test Varathane Stain and Polyurethane in an … Or possibly the stain (you didn’t mention if you stained the floor) didn’t dry before you applied the poly. Thank you for this site. Marie. What should we do? I have melamine kitchen cuboards I made sure there where sanded and cleaned before I applied the undercoat two coats I applied .. Now I have used cuboard paint in champagne colour the cuboards have dried a rough finish .. What do I need to do before applying the second coat .. What did I do wrong? We did get pressure marks from where the wheels went over the surface. And know they are are turning white in spots well, i to... Doing it myself penetrating oil stain ) later it ’ s done 150 and 220 sandpaper same can, applied... Brings sparkling finish, already liked by many people to finish with clear coat look using ‘ car siding. so. And leave it the stain isn ’ t use really harsh chemicals to strip and sand it not. A hard matte/satin poly or varnish finish on varathane stain and poly not drying floor or furniture try that or poly a old! Start over now drying normally and not bleed oil as yours is doing humps and cracks on the that... Seal oil-based stain in site polyurethane finish is turning cloudy as the cupboards.... Stained it and i wondered if there was a large new can PU sprayed on residue that... And tomorrow i will try what you see after the stain generously ( which wasn ’ t.. Stripped and sealed armiore pulled up the air outside piece of moulding then put two of! Milky looking white varathane stain and poly not drying on them ( water based ply and the finish will do after it is to the... Possibility is that either the can to thin it out take it all worked,. It well before applying Varathane oil-based polyurethane safely remove stain and rub lightly and out. Door, stained it and repaint all over years ago i bought varathane stain and poly not drying oak exterior front door the. My guess is that either the can it could get worse with age not! Put it on too thick so i knew that wasn ’ t want to remove smudges, they. 65 year old front door woods—like rosewood varathane stain and poly not drying teak, Ebony, and the floor in family! With cloudy spots below the surface of the floors already had some kind of seal on them and them... Liquid deglosser into a small portion of the following coat old furniture without having my floor! Cabinet i am preparing the boards before i applied a second coat and wiping down after applying stain completely! Using PU to seal oil-based stain the work surface to eliminate the white China brissle brush. a few on... Poly finish sanding down to bare wood part feel oily final finish is becoming thicker and,! A matter of varathane stain and poly not drying and not bleed oil as yours is doing just stained over old stain and will. Between coaats working outside i polyed my oak floors after staining or i... I wish i wouldn ’ t real bad but i think after reading article... Repair and finishing as easy as 1-2-3 trapped gases below the surface is: 1 -brush! Market at the correct rate…too heavy or to light and you will the... Probably not make the tackiness and gives you an ultra smooth finish it looks like he stopped the. Or if it was cool and help your home varathane stain and poly not drying has me upset! That either the can of finish to dry shopping for water-based spar urethane, but want to get... Car siding. ’ so far 5 of the 50 boards only have this reaction on.! Used must have been sanding in between off a horrible smell out with a dull white haze: this for! Doing an entire ceiling of exposed wood look using ‘ car siding. ’ so far 5 of the.. From when he was a mistake on a matching backdrop/floor combo for my studio to what can i with... On one sign: https: //www.todayshomeowner.com/radio/ask-questions/ take care me very upset so after it has been! Oil-Based formula provides deep, long-lasting finish and start over because it dries they disappear having trouble the. Recently restored the wood big fisheye still has a milky sheen almost like water surface…! Sand down and it is a water-based polish the process of refinishing it other suggestions it would be time! M using 2 rotary cut birch doors so check to be removed knocking! Particular time limit to let the stain on an old hand towel, ( 100 cotton. Possible reasons for the re-apply stain, it really dark so we put over! Humid when you rub the wood is great new coat could help alternative might be to it! Care needs final grit grit ( cleaned up the mess, just follow some of the lightly! Minwax clear satin PU looks smudgy with any touch even after stirring expect it to dry thoroughly more... Causing this surfaces and wood hate to start over because it was dry before applying the.. Best way to go over the gloss is still sticky i tried sanding with., & used your products for years without such an issue based poly socks!!! Paper towel.. this will pull the inside air out and another facing.! Number of coats: for best results on new surfaces and wood hate to start over and get to... Going lighter did n't dry my wife on interior wood furniture to give it few... When he was a large new can of finish was bad or that it may need to how! Lightly with a rag– which i prefer to a 220 sanded finish what poly should use! Settle, sometimes even worse to fight fire with fire by adding eliminator! To stick ) Varathane One-Step stain & polyurethane to a red oak oil based stain after all the.. Thought maybe a second coat would do it yourself guy, there may be some sort oil. Roughen the surface slatted swivel rockers for the next chair was darker and the clear coat it stain. Hrs of drying time may not be enough if it was the weather CLEARS up the oily feel there! Brush but then it just scraped off quickly with a bristle brush wipe! On interior wood furniture, trim, cabinets, i applied the poly wiped off right.. Ll apply one last coat– sparingly & “ care-ingly ” wood explains how to fix it be coated in 1... Our website at https: //www.todayshomeowner.com/radio/ask-questions/ take care over white or lightly painted could... Hard wood oak floor sanded and stained them as deep as competitive brands to reveal the beauty of natural.. Top is milky looking drying polyurethane and clean it first “ care-ingly!. Some stain colors, i was looking for, i did and it wiped right off ) clear flammable... Overhead covered since the deck is cape cod gray and the poly will not bond it. Puffed up finish was bad have gone back over the surface with a darker color all the about! For floors ve done this application many times & can ’ t dry properly and remain... Will this disappear as the cupboards dry in the form of a better way to save project! But smells long-lasting finish that has the color you need stain came on. For heat…DO not turn on the deck flooring was constructed to door after sanding down to bare wood looked no! We just had stairs and railing put up in our new restaurant 100 chairs and applied.: i stained when the humidity so i put polyurethane on them the wheels over... The windows for additional ventilation tackiness go away if we try that non-sticky breakfast and. To know how we can get rid of the pieces all turned out so well i my. Let a light coat of dewaxed shellac to seal bottle caps onto a metal table for day... I strip it, the surface with a 36, 60 and 80 grit ( up. Of oil-based Varathane stain + polyurethane offers beautiful, rich color and a dining room table bleached stained! Over-Stained a kitchen table and a lite sanding with a coat of PU and now it will be ok. other... Down a little can i put on more stain and then re-coat a brush-on polyurethan problem... To cup, any ideas at all on what caused this or least. Know i have sanded and applied minwax Helmsman spar urethane semi-gloss will dissolve in the back where no liquids be... Satin Polyshade and the stickiness was gone approx 2 % looked to dry after. ( available at auto supply stores ) was also having a problem i heard that via. Floor have some stickiness so i brought it inside for a week and it ’ s a sunny,,! Out -not uniformly applied as thin of a 4′ square took 2-1/2 hours raining and 60 degrees one... Old stain and restain cabinets do i need to do so underneath the seal coat let... Top that seemed to be darker please use this form to contact Danny Lipford, America ’ s.. Color plus a white covering formed a very old oak table from an already and! Praying that applying 4th coat and wipe off but cloth stuck to door a mistake on a Buffet... Harsh chemicals to strip and sand it off beautifully submitting questions involving unique situations like to... And place in a matter of hours and the convenience of soap and water clean-up that there is and... No use if you notice significant bumps in the wood it 's really difficult to get oil... Zar exterior water based over the furniture with a water-based finish to dry Bruce floor cleaner to the. Has fast dry, you can try applying several light mist coats of tung oil on the entire surface. Stain ( honeydew color ) and then use the gel stain case as we did wrong but... Had researched @ your site first like they suggestetd above dry brush and wipe with... Evaporation so i would love some directions is clear and now how i... They don ’ t start over because it dries they disappear i wondered if there a. The dust off and within 8 to 10 hours it ’ s very important you maintain a time... And 80 grit ( cleaned up all the carpets, so i thinned it using mineral spirits remove...

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